What to Do When Back Pain Disrupts Sleep?

Back pain and sleeplessness are interrelated – if you are suffering from the problem of backache, it will disrupt your sleep and sleepless nights will only aggravate the problem – so, it’s a vicious cycle. Practicing “good sleep habits” (“sleep hygiene” in medical terms) is probably the best thing that you can do to deal with such situations. Following is a brief rundown on how to do that.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake
To start with, you are strongly recommended to avoid tea and coffee because they will disturb your sleep furthermore. We often tend to take these drinks when we are overtired, but it is very important for you to understand that caffeine will only add to your problem of sleeplessness. If you cannot completely eliminate the caffeine intake, you should at least try to cut back.

No Naps During The Day
Because of the back pain, you may also be tempted to take some rest or even naps during the daytime. But, if you want to sleep at night, you are strongly recommended to avoid naps during the day because doing so will only reduce the amount of sleep you need during the night hours.

Exercise Is Good But Don’t Do It Too Late In The Evening
Having an active lifestyle plays a very important role in relieving pain in your back. That is the reason why doctors often recommend their patients to follow a proper exercise regimen. Well, physical activities are good but if you do it too late in the evening, it is very much likely to rev your body up, which will eventually gift you sleepless nights. The best time for back pain exercises is the late afternoon or right before evening.

Does Nightcap Work?
No. It is just a false assumption among many people that drinking alcohol at night will help them achieve a sound sleep, which is just not true. Drinking alcohol may help you sleep immediately, but it adversely affects your sleep cycles. There is a strong possibility that you will later wake up in the night.

Don’t Make Your Bedroom A Multipurpose Dumping Ground
Make sure that your bedroom is a soothing place. Don’t fill it with unnecessary stuffs, a blaring TV, your kids’ toys, baskets of laundry, or other such things. By making your bedroom a more neutral and calming place, you can effectively deal with the problem of sleeplessness caused by back pain.

Relax Before You Go To Sleep
Don’t wear your thinking cap just before you are about to retire to bed. Don’t participate in serious discussions, as it may make your excited or anxious, which is very much likely to snatch your night’s sleep.

Follow A Sleeping Routine
Following a certain sleeping routine will also prove to be very helpful. Therefore, you should try to go to bed at the same time everyday and also to wake up at the same time in the morning.

Overall, a good sleeping habit will not only help you achieve sound sleep during night but it will also prove to be very effective in relieving back pain.

There is no magic bullet to treat back pain immediately and put you to sleep, but if you follow the above suggestions religiously, you will definitely be in a much better position to effectively deal with sleeplessness caused by back pain.

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