What Causes Back Pain?

What causes back pain?

There is an ongoing discussion, even among doctors about what actually causes back pain. When it comes to injuries that could be identified, a little more could be said. The reason why it’s so difficult to find the cause is why, most back problems are a result of a combination of factors. Some factors are not preventable a all, such as genes and family history. You can control other factors, such as weight control, keeping fit and flexible. This however might force you to change your way of living. We must also look for factors related to your work situation. It is important to be able to identify what causes pain and even serious injuries in your back.

Here are some normal causes and situations associated with increased risk of back pain and injury:

* Repetition. Repetition is the number of times you perform a certain movement. These movements will over time become static. Repetitious tasks can lead to muscle fatigue, pain or injury. Standing, sitting, writing – all positions could put you at risk. Man of us spend most of your time in front of a computer, you may experience occasional aches and pains from sitting still for extended periods. Now, and this is important; Our bodies are not design to put up with a static position for more than twenty minutes at the time.

* Stress. Social and mental pressures at work or at home contributes to increase your stress level and lead to muscle pain, tension and tightness, which may lead to back pain – for most of us it will!

* Force. Exerting too much force on your back may cause injury. In a physical, demanding job, you might face pain and injury if you frequently lift or move heavy objects. This could happened over time even if you are lifting correctly. This is because the movements are repeated. Again: Static movements leads to pain.

Some tips to avoid back pain and injuries

The first and most obvious steps you can take, is of course to keep in shape, so the muscles are prepared for all the pressure it encounters.

Fit for pain

You do need to exercise. Regular activity is your best bet in maintaining a healthy back. You can do strengthening and stretching exercises targeted directly to your back muscles, strong and flexible muscles will help keep your back ready for what comes.

Right posture against pain

A poor posture stresses your back. Such posture can lead to muscle pain and injuries you don’t want. On the other hand, a good posture relaxes your muscles and requires minimal effort to balance your body, so why do we carry on the bad habit of poor postures? Maybe for the same reason that we don’t smile more even though we know that a smile takes less effort and muscle activity than an angry/depressed face. To do something about it, you really have to think different.

* Sitting right to avoid pain. Here, we have to start with what you are sitting on. The chair. A good chair promotes comfort and good posture while sitting. First of all, make sure that the chair supports your back. You also need to adjust it, so the the soles of your feet touches the ground. If the chair doesn’t support the curve in your lower back, you can easily adjust this by putting a pillow, towel etc in your lower back region.

A few things to remember to avoid back pain in daily life

* Put your self out of hazards. It sounds obvious, but think of a fall. A fall can seriously injure your back for life, and give u intolerable pain for the rest of your life. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic, to give you life long pain. Again; everything static can cause pain and injury. Think twice before wearing high heels. Low-heeled shoes with nonslip soles are a better bet. Of course, independent of age; remove all objects than you can trip and fall on. Both at home and at work, there are plenty of cables and other stuff that can hurt you.

* Why not hear what your body have to tell? If you must sit or stand for longer periods, change your position as often as you possible can. You need to take at least a 30-second timeout every 15 minutes or so to stretch, move and relax. You can try to stand up when you answer the phone. If you are talking in a mobile or wireless phone, it’s a perfect chance to stretch a little, change positions a best off all, walk a little around. If your back hurts, you must of course stop those movements that aggravates it. You do this to prevent pain, not to aggravate pain.

* Walking against pain. Well, walking, besides of swimming might be the best remedy to prevent back pain. Walking regularly can help you maintain your coordination and balance. You don’t have to spend ours walking to see results. Only 20 minutes easy walking a day, has shown to be working against back pain. If you live in a city, try to walk in a park with varying terrain, the best you can do is to seek out for the forests. This terrain is much better for you to prevent pain than the city asphalt.


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