Upper Back Pain Causes and Treatment Using Simple Remedies

The upper back pain causes may be related to injury or distress sustained from work related activities. In other cases, some individuals adopted poor postures, which subsequently resulted to muscular irritation or joint dysfunction or at times both, over a period of time. The pain becomes evident along the neck and shoulders, causing much discomfort to the individuals concerned.

There are two kinds of upper back pain causes: 1) muscular irritation or 2) joint dysfunction, wherein each will require different types of treatment in order to resolve the ache felt by the individual. Below is a brief description of the two upper back pain causes and some suggested remedies:

1. Muscular irritation or Myofascial Pain

The large muscles found at the back are attached to the shoulder blades. In case you begin to feel a bothersome nagging pain, it is indicative that there is already muscular irritation taking place. You may be overusing your shoulders and arms frequently in repetitive motions as demanded by your work or occupation. Other possible causes are involvement in accidents or sports injuries that has caused muscle strains.

The best way to treat this type of muscle discomfort is by way of manual therapeutic methods like physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, massage therapy or acupuncture. All of which will aim to rehabilitate the large upper back muscles as well as the shoulder girdles or ligaments that connects them to the shoulder blade. In order to ease the swelling or inflammation, taking in ibuprofen medication will provide instant relief.

2. Joint dysfunction

The upper back pain is an effect of the dysfunction of the two joints that connect the ribs on each side of the spine. A physical therapist, a chiropractor or an osteopathic physician will workout manipulative techniques to promote joint movements.

This may include exercise programs that involve stretching the spine and shoulders to achieve flexibility and strengthening benefits. To sustain longer lasting effects of the treatment, it is recommended that aerobic exercises be engaged in to keep you upper back in good condition.

To provide relief for the swelling brought about by joint dysfunction, a simple pain relieving action of ibuprofen will suffice. Other medications such as epidural steroid injections are not necessary.

Based on the above information, it can be gleaned that the discomfort you feel arising from upper back pain causes does not require complicated treatments the way others think. It is all a matter of manipulative massages and strengthening exercises, in order to sustain the individual in carrying out his day to day tasks and eliminating all upper back pain causes.

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