Tips to Prevent Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain and pregnancy unfortunately seem to go hand in hand for a majority of pregnant women. While it can vary in it’s intensity, most will find it uncomfortable enough to wonder what can be done to prevent it. Fortunately, there are quite a few things that can help you get a healthier back. You will find some tips to prevent back pain below.

Back pain and pregnancy can be positively impacted by adjusting your posture. Even normally, incorrect posture can create problems, but these are magnified when you are pregnant. As your belly grows, it pulls your center of gravity forward, and your lower back attempts to compensate by arching more and more. This places pressure on the vertebrae and discs of your lower spine, and causes pain. You can improve your posture simply by being mindful of it while walking, and making sure your lower back is supported while seated, and your feet are flat on the floor. Try to avoid standing for long periods, but if you must, try to rest one foot up on a box or stool to take the strain off of your lower pelvis.

Adjusting your sleeping position can also help alleviate back pain. Be sure to sleep on your side, with your knees drawn up a bit. Place a pillow between them to reduce pressure on the back. If you can, try to get a medium-firm mattress that provides support without changing the natural curve of your body.

Other tips to prevent back pain involve exercise. Your back usually hurts because your core muscles meant to support it are too weak. If you strengthen them, you can greatly reduce incidences of pain. Exercises like squats and rows help strengthen key lower back and abdominal muscles, taking pressure off of your spine. You don’t need to do a lot just a few done consistently will bring results.

Useful tips to prevent back discomforts include making changes to your bending and lifting techniques. When bending over, always keep your back straight, and bend your knees instead. When lifting, make sure your legs are doing all the work, and keep any objects you are lifting as close to your body as possible. If anything seems too heavy, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Back pain and pregnancy can occur for other reasons as well. Sometimes the shoes you wear are not optimal for supporting your weight properly. Try using heel inserts to take pressure off of your back and absorb shock. Also try to avoid wearing high heels while pregnant. You can also make sure you are seated correctly while driving. Make sure your knees are higher than your hips, and that your elbows are comfortably bent while holding the wheel.

While back pain and pregnancy often seem to go together, the back pain is not inevitable. If you follow the tips to prevent back pain listed above, chances are you may not experience it at all, and if you do, it will be fairly minor.

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