The Right Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the serious ailments you have to cure since it is able to affect your performance. With a chronic back pain, you will not be able to walk in good posture. Finding the right treatment is the right answer you have to make.

Basically, treating back pain means that you identify the cause of discomfort and correct it based on the underlying cause so that you can minimize the symptoms effectively. The most common cause of backache includes back injury and muscle strain. If you suffer minor backache, you can treat at your home. However, if you suffer acute backache, you have to call for a help from the trained physician.

Lower back pain which is caused by the temporary stress of the back muscles can be alleviated by using ice. If you want to have the quick cold compress, you only need to fulfill the sealable plastic bag using crushed ice and then wrap it with a kitchen towel. Then, you only need to apply that ice to the lower back directly after you feel the pain. The ice will be able to work as the cure for the inflammation on the strained muscles so that you can prevent the swelling from spreading. In addition, ice is able to reduce the pressure of the lumbar spine and relieve it.

Promoting the process of natural healing, you can also use heat in the next day since it is able to keep the back muscles limber. You can use healing pads for about thirty minutes. To help your muscles relax, you can take a shower with warm water. As an alternative, you can also use deep heating creams and ointments.

On the other hand, for curing the acute lower backache, you will need assistance from your doctor. The main cause for chronic back pain can be herniated disc so that it needs close monitoring. Usually, the doctor will give the prescription for muscle relaxers and also pain killers. They allow you to enjoy your relief while the physician examines the situation and determine the right treatment for your lower backache. In addition, if you suffer bulging disc, you will need a back surgery. It has no risk so that you don’t have to be hesitated to decide. Just take the right treatment for your backache.

In addition, as an alternative to cope with back pain, you can also use an inversion table therapy. It allows you to do some stretches which is able to minimize the risk of back pain. For more information about, you can see the best inversion table.


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