The Best Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

As a back pain sufferer and someone who has tried all kinds of treatments from yoga to surgery I’m sometimes asked:” What are the best exercises to relieve back pain”? The correct answer is it depends. To accurately answer this question one needs to know the type of back pain. Is it lower or upper back? Is it a result of an injury or deterioration? Is it a muscle pull or a herniated disc. Of course before beginning any exercise program and especially one dealing with the back it’s vital you first check with your doctor.

Be aware that not all exercises are beneficial, some can do more harm than good. What works for one person may not work for you.  The best exercise are going to be the ones that are designed specifically for you by a trained professional. That being said here are some general exercises and methods that may help.

1. Stretching: Slow steady stretching can bring relief to back pain. Again not all stretching is good your doctor or physical therapist can show you which ones you should try.

2. Walking: This is one that anybody should be able to handle. Get a good pair of walking shoes and find a level area to walk. Walk with your head up and shoulders back. Start slowly and increase your pace as you loosen up.

3. Swimming: A great exercise because the water takes the weight off your back and you use all your muscles. Be sure to take it easy and use strokes that don’t involve a lot of twisting.

Of course maintain an exercise program though out your life can help prevent back problems and speed recovery if you are injured. The best back pain exercises strengthen core muscles. It also important to have balance when you exercise so all the major muscle groups are exercised evenly. Muscle imbalance can be a source of numerous back conditions. Remember not all exercises are going to be good for you. The best program of exercises to relieve your back pain are the ones developed just for you. The Healthy Back Institute has developed a program called Lose The Back Pain System. This system designs a program of movements and exercise to address your specific needs.

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