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Causes Of Back Pain: Scoliosis

What is it?
Scoliosis is a disorder in which the spine is out of line with the pelvis. It occurs in about 2% of our population and technically encompasses curves of 10 degrees or more. Scoliosis is most commonly seen in adolescence but can also be found in adults. Scoliosis in adults is largely caused by degeneration of the joints in the spine. It may be caused by abnormalities in the vertebra at birth, neuromuscular disorders, connective tissue abnormalities, or other injuries to the developing spine. Symptoms of scoliosis may include uneven shoulders and/or hip and a prominence of one shoulder blade over the other, and protruding ribs. Advanced scoliosis can cause back pain and difficulty breathing.

How it causes pain:
Back pain is the primary complaint of those who have Scoliosis. Because of the misalignment of the spine, pain may arise from the facet joints, sacroiliac joints or nerve root compression. The nerves are deprived of the natural space they need for normal structure and function. Traditionally, fusions and pedicle screws are used to correct the curvature and stabilize the spine. These require major surgery, greater risk and a long recovery.

Can it be fixed?
Minimally invasive procedures cannot cure Scoliosis. However, specially trained physicians can treat the pain symptoms associated with it. If the curvature of the spine is not so severe as to impede normal lung or vital organ function, then the patient may chose to live with the curvature.

How it can be treated:
In some cases, specific minimally invasive procedures can help by alleviating pain associated with Scoliosis. There are various, minimally invasive, ways to do this. One is by eliminating the pain nerves that were developed from Scoliosis. These nerves do nothing but send unnecessary pain signals throughout your body. Another way to alleviate pain is to remove inflamed or irritated tissue along with scar tissue that may have formed from Scoliosis.

Lawrence B. Rothstein is a graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and The Ohio State University School of Medicine (1987). He completed his internship, residency in Anesthesia, and fellowship in Interventional Pain Management at the Cleveland Clinic where he was named Chief Fellow. He is board certified in Anesthesia and Pain Medicine.

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