Remove Back Pain – Ways on How to Stop Back Pain at Home

Because of lower back pain, many people suffer and they can’t even go to work. Back pain is truly a mutual ailment that affects people all over the world. This is due to aging, obesity and other underlying diseases.

The first thing to consider is you have to determine the causes of back pain. A doctor’s advice is recommended to properly diagnose pain in the back. In the mean time if you cannot go to the doctor, you can try these remedies to alleviate lower back pain.

To remove back pain, here are some remedies that can be done at home to help stop the pain.

Massage – Massage is an effective and relaxing method to remove back pain. There are different techniques in back massage that can be applied. These are Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai and even Turkish massage.

Heat and cold therapy – Heat and cold therapy is an immediate cure for pain in the back. A nice heat pad placed on the lower back part of the body will relieve the pain. This also applies in an ice therapy. You can also alternately use the methods to cure back pain.

Topical pain relievers – Topical pain relievers like capsaicin, ginger cream and other mentholated topical creams can be applied to the affected area using the method of massaging.

Proper diet – This is another useful way to treat backache. Calcium rich foods like milk, cheese and other dairy products are good for the bones. Fruits and vegetables enhance the immune system and protein rich foods like eggs, lean meat and nuts builds up muscle tissue.

Exercise – A mild exercise for the back is also an efficient method to relieve back pain. Back exercises should be done with a small effort only because if more force is exerted, pain in the back can cause you more.

Over the counter medicines – Over the counter drugs such as analgesics, muscle relaxants, anti inflammatory and pain killers can help alleviate back pain. Use the medicine when pain only happens. It is to prevent damage the kidneys and liver.

Rest – A nice rest would do after a long day at work to stop pain in the back. You can also sleep it out to relax the muscles and bones in the back. An orthopedic mattress can also be purchased to properly align the spine during sleep.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method to help pain in the body including the back. A needle is sterilized and it is used to prick the points on the skin where it pain is affected.

Herbs for back pain – Herbal remedies are also used to help cure back pain. There are different kinds of herbs that can be purchased in herbal stores but make sure that it is approved by the FDA for safety.

Yoga – Yoga uses meditation techniques combined with simple exercises to flex the muscles and bones in the back. Yoga releases mind and body stress. It also helps in treating back pain.

These are the ways to treat back pain at home. Keep in mind that proper diet should be done to fight pain in the body.

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