Relieving Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very exciting time of change and hopes for the future. As you continue throughout pregnancy, you will experience many different changes as your body grows and creates a child.

Due to the ways in which your body changes and grows, you may find it difficult to perform some simple, everyday tasks. You may find it necessary to begin doing things differently in order to accommodate your large stomach.

In some cases, performing a few strengthening exercises can help you perform these everyday tasks more comfortably. Not only will you experience a large stomach during pregnancy, but a hormone called relaxin will cause the joints in the spine and the pelvis to loosen as you near your due date.

The combination of the large stomach and relaxed joints will cause your center of gravity to shift. This can make it difficult to perform some of the normal strengthening exercises that you may have performed before you became pregnant.

One of the areas that you will need to focus on is your back. Your stomach will press against your back and pull it forward because there will be so much extra weight.

This can lead to bad posture, which results in backaches. However, if you are mindful of your back and perform strengthening exercises, you may be able to relieve the back pain.

Of course, if you are already experienced back pain before pregnancy, you will have an increased risk of experiencing pregnancy back pain. When you are mindful of your posture, you will be able to relieve your back from pain no matter what position you are in.

Posture is something that you will need to think about whether you are standing, sitting, or lying down. Even a slight adjustment can make a world of difference in relieving temporary pain and chronic pain.

If you are not careful with you back, you could cause some serious damage that will stick around even after you deliver your baby. Generally, the most comfortable position is the one that provides the most relief to your back.

Even though slouching my feel good for a few minutes it will soon cause your back to cramp and to feel pain. If you are in the habit of slouching it may take some time to develop healthier postures, but it will be worth it.

With the help of pregnancy back pain when you slouch, you should be able to overcome this bad habit.

If you are unsure whether you have good posture or not, ask someone. They should be able to tell you whether you are sitting up straight.

However, if you do not want to ask anyone, stand with your back against the wall. Your bottom and shoulders should touch the wall.

It can help you to be able to recognize good posture if you relax and then repeat this exercise several times. When you sit down, try to implement this posture.

Of course, it definitely helps to have a good chair to sit in with the proper kind of back support. Good support is definitely something you want to look for in the seats that you choose during pregnancy.

High back chairs are the best because they provide support to the upper back as well as the lower back. Shoulder rolls can also help you relax into a good posture.

It is often unknown that you can actually lie on your stomach without hurting your fetus. However, it is so uncomfortable later in pregnancy that many women choose not to do it anyway.

This position often causes back pain as well. The best way to sleep is on your side with a pillow between your knees to provide support.

While lying on your back may be the most comfortable position, many doctors discourage it later in pregnancy because the weight can cut off the blood flow to the uterus and to your extremities. Lying on your side is the next best position.

Another thing that may harm your back is lifting. Lifting incorrectly can put too much pressure on your back and cause all sorts of problems.

It is much better to lift using your legs instead of your back. If you cannot lift this way you may want to consider some mild weight training, or splitting the load into two boxes instead of one.

You can damage your back even if you are only lifting your other children. Once your back has been damaged, you will probably face the consequences of that decision the rest of your life.

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