Relieve Back Pain – Core Strength Training


There are many body malfunctions that result in back pain. Bad posture is one of them. But how is bad posture created? Apart from the external pressures that are placed on the back such as work sedimentation or standing, the main reason why so many people suffer from bad posture is because they do not have a strong body core.

Which is the core part of the body?

The core of the body involves those muscles that are situated between the limb and the chest. The main core muscles include the abdominal muscles and the glutei.

Why is the core part of the body important?

The core part of the body is important because it is that group of muscles that are responsible to hold the body upright in different positions.

How can a strong body core workout benefit me?

Having a strong body core will assist your back in its functions. By having strong core muscles, less pressure is placed on the back. Moreover, since the weight carried or pressure imposed is divided between the core muscles and the back muscles, this will allow your disc to be at such a distance as not to overlap the back nerves, thereby reducing lower back, shoulders and neck pain in general. Furthermore, a well supported back will make it much easier for back pain sufferers to improve their posture. Benefits become visible within the first three months.

What kind of core strength training can I do from the comfort of my own home?

Firstly, every person interested in doing core strength training exercises must start slowly and increase the number of sets gradually. Secondly, it is sufficient to use only the body weight and thus no additional cost for gym equipment is required. The exercises that one can do from home involve a combination of twists, Squats, sit-ups, push-ups and Knee to chest.

An example of how a core strength work out will take place at home is the twisting exercise. Use a broom stick and place it across your shoulders. Wrap your arms around it and twist your upper body until one end of the broomstick is facing the direction of your feet. Go back to centre position and twist on the other direction. This exercise helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles relieving the nerves of the back from unnecessary pressure while at the same time aligning the spine.

This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.


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