Proven Back Pain Treatment Will Help With Back Pain Relief

Back pain can be debilitating. The type and location of your pain will help determine what treatment options are safe and effective. Most doctors will recommend staying active even after experiencing mild to moderate your pain. Stretching and exercise can help relieve the tightness and strengthen the support muscles. Also, rest and medication will help numb the pain and give the area time to heal.

Most painful back conditions are a result of muscle strain or a herniated disc. These pains, whether lower or upper back, carry different treatment plans. The lower back is the support system for the entire upper body. It directly connects to the waist, therefore twisting or bending may become increasingly difficult with lower back problems. Mild to moderate forms of this condition can be treated with heat and cold treatments, physical therapy, medication, and rest. More serious lower back problems can be the result of birth defects or bone and joint conditions, and need more serious treatments. The above treatment options will likely temporarily soothe the pain, but in the long term, surgery may be necessary.

Upper back pain can be just as excruciating as lower back pain and needs to be treated. If left untreated, the condition will worsen and possibly require more serious treatments. As with the lower back, mild to moderate upper pain can usually be cured with therapy, rest, and medication. More serious upper back conditions may require steroid injections or muscle relaxants. Acupuncture and chiropractic work have shown to provide relief, and possibly a cure, from upper back conditions. Chiropractors manipulate the spine and may be able to realign it. If your pain is a result of a spine out of alignment, then a chiropractor may be able to ease the pain through a series of adjusting treatments. Surgery for the upper back condition is only necessary in 10% of patients.

Back pain can be caused by other factors, such as pregnancy, kidney or ovary problems, or tumors. Pregnant women gain a significant amount of weight in the stomach area. This puts a strain on the upper back as the stomach pulls the body forward. Kidney problems may result in blood escaping from the blood stream and causing irritation and pain. Ovary problems, such as cysts or endometriosis, can put extra pressure on the lower back or allow blood and puss in to the system. This can cause irritation and pain. Tumors in the spinal area can result in severe pain or numbness, even if the tumor is not cancerous. Pain caused by pregnancy is common and treated with rest, heat therapy and massage. Back pain is usually eliminated once the baby is born. Kidney and ovary issues, and tumors, require the care of a doctor.

Back pain, whether upper or lower and whatever the cause can range from mild to severe. If standard home care techniques are unsuccessful, it is time to contact a doctor for evaluation. Treatment will depend on the location and seriousness of the condition causing the pain, but most back pain issues can be resolved.

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