Ovarian Cyst Back Pain Or Just Normal Back Pain?

It is not unusual for women to experience back pain, especially for those who have given birth to a child. Although having back pain may seem normal, it could be a signal sent by your body to inform you that there is a cyst on your ovary! If you neglect this signal, the result could be harmful to your health.

To know whether you are having ovarian cyst back pain or not, you need to be sensitive and alert to all the little signals sent by your body. For instances, try to do passing a bowel movement, or lift 5kg object from ground, do you feel the pain from your back and your lower abdominal quadrants? Next, stand with your back straight and feet shoulder length apart, bend your body and try to reach your toes; does this induce your back pain?

Most of the time, those who suffering back pain caused by ovarian cyst also experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle, either too long or too short than normal period. If you are also experiencing other generalized symptoms like nausea, vomiting, sharp pain in lower abdomen and pelvis, bloating in the abdomen, breast tenderness, gain weight dramatically and/or increasing in hair growth, then you are probably having cysts on your ovaries.

The best way to ensure whether the above mentioned symptoms are caused by cysts is to undergo a pelvic ultrasound. If cyst is found on your ovary, most likely you need to undertake a blood test as well as a pregnancy test. Your blood sample will be used to test for the CA 125 antigen, which shows positive if cancer is found.

You need to pay careful attention to the persistence of the symptoms described above because ovarian cyst can be cured fast and effectively if it is treated earlier, before it turns to harmful cyst or cancerous cyst.

Ovarian cyst symptoms can be vague or mimic to so many other things, it is worth to pay careful attention to the symptoms so that we can prevent it before it is too late.

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