Magnetic Pain Relief

Magnets have been popular for a minimum of 20 years in our culture as a way to cure body aches. Magnets are thought to cure back pain and depression. Magnets have been such a popular pain cure that we can find many writings in magazines and on television. In this text we explore deeper to find out if magnets are truly a pain remedy, and how magnets work.

Though we have understood about magnets for these short years the employment of magnets as a pain cure, goes from ancient Greece. People were utilizing magnetic remedy at that time in the same way, and getting great effects. In fact, people believe so wholeheartedly in magnetic cures that they now make up a $ 5 billion dollar industry.

For many people, the one reason that they can believe in anything such as this is if it has science validification, but not everything can be put into a test tube. Although many studies have looked at this process most have been inconclusive as to whether magnets work as a pain cure.

The University of Virginia Study

As people continue to research, the University of Virginia has found conclusive evidence that magnets can at least increase the flow of blood and provide more oxygen to damaged tissue.
They found that by just using a small magnetic field, they could ramp up blood flow — at least in rats. Researchers are hoping to begin human tests soon.

Magnets and Inflammation
A lot of folk say that magnet cures can help with swelling of joints and skin. If this is so then people can recover from injury faster. At least this is the conclusion of the Virginia studyas they showed that magnets can assist in situations that are prone to swelling. consumers who see magnets as a pain cure experience less swelling in their legs hands or joints when they have arthritis.

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