Lower Back Pain Exercises, Discovering The Benefits

In this day and age we live in society that is very demanding, whether your job involves very heavy manual work or just sat working at the desk in the office, our bodies are always prone to injuries as we are often called upon to perform tasks that just aren’t natural. Is it therefore any wonder that lower back pain is one of the complaints that results in more and more people paying a visit to the doctor on a daily basis?. As i said previously in one of my other articles on the subject, exercising the lower back has tremendous benefits not just for that particular area but for your body as a whole and many doctors are now prescribing exercise instead of medication.

Many people i believe are aware that medications do not come without certain risks especially when it comes to pain medication. Fair enough, pain medication can give temporary relief to an individual but one of the reasons we experience lower back pain in the first place is that our bodies are telling us something is wrong, if it wasn’t for this signal we would probably continue to do the things that in the long run would probably result in more serious injuries. The other problem with medication is that it is more likely to become addictive over a period of time, if a person becomes addicted then it is compounding the problem it is supposed to be treating. You would eventually end up feeling a lot worse than before you started your medication. Exercising the lower back is indeed a more natural way in dealing with the pain.

There are several things you can do to help avoid injury such as learning how to lift properly, when you need to pick something up off the floor, keep your knees bent and your back straight, take your time and don’t rush , if you are lifting heavy objects try to hold them as close to your body as possible instead of reaching out as this will in all certainty cause an injury, if the object is too heavy for you to lift get someone else to help you. Think before you lift.

If your job involves spending many hours sat at a desk it will help just to get up every now and then at intervals of maybe an hour or so, just to have a short walk and stretch, it will make you feel more alert and give your lower back the break it needs before you are ready to sit down again and to get the feeling of being comfortable.

There are many exercises you can perform to reduce the chances of lower back pain such as sitting on a floor with your feet pressed together and while keeping your abs in, start to lean forward until you can feel a gentle stretch from the inner part of your thighs, try holding the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds and repeating 1 to 3 times. This will give you greater flexibility and will strengthen your muscles, it will also give you the added support you need when it comes to doing something that is more strenuous than normal, better posture will also be achieved by doing this.

This is just one of many exercises for your lower back that will help to reduce pain and so by having a strong back and strong muscles you will benefit from being much fitter and healthier.


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