Lower Back Pain and How the Cat Position of Pilates Can Help

There are days when your back will simply not cooperate with you. Blame it on the weather, or the freezing air-conditioning system at the office. Lets face it. Your back has a mind of its own and it’s hurting today. What can you do? For starters you must not panic.

The breathing technique is always the first aid solution to your problem. Deep breaths will allow proper circulation to your back. You could try it sitting at first.

Slowly inhale and expand your ribcage. Fill the lungs to its full capacity but do it slowly and deliberately. As you exhale engage the abdominals and let out the air through you mouth. Almost like a sigh. Repeat ten times.

If the back feels stuck or immobile lets try a different exercise. The Cat.

The Cat will help release and mobilize your spine. This exercise should not cause you any pain. So like any other exercise proceed with caution. If you feel a pinch or a sharp pain stop immediately and seek medical assistance.

Kneel on all fours with hands placed directly beneath your shoulders. Knees should be in line with your hips and the lower part should be straight. Keep head parallel to the floor. Maintain the neutral spine while keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

Elbows soft and weight must be equally distributed between your hands and knees. Now focus on the base of your spine. Curl tailbone under. Breathe out as you curl. Rounding the spine as you proceed. Once the spine can no longer curl focus now on the top of the head and slowly extend the spine from head, to neck, to the mid back section, and finally releasing the lower back. Breathe in or inhale as you uncurl the spine.

There are a few things you must keep in mind. Whether curling or uncurling the back – the neck should feel long and strong. No jotting out of the chin. And stay balanced. So lets go for ten!

You should be able to release tension from the lower back. The Cat is also used for neck injuries and shoulder concerns.

Pilates Philippines specialist Plinky Recto works with orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists and conducts seminars and demonstrations for corporate executives, housewives, athletes and the physically impaired. More lower back pain exercises can be found at her site http://www.plinkyrecto.net

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