Lose the Back Pain – Types of Massages to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lose The Back Pain With These Types Of Massages.

1) Rolfing

Rolfing is a type of body work that focuses on more permanent structural changes to the body.

Rolfing is about changing your body’s posture to prevent future pain and heal from injuries much faster than before.

I’m a huge fan of rolfing myself and I highly recommend you find a local rolfer and try it out. In terms of cost it is about the same as a regular massage.

If you want to not only help relieve pain, but recover from the root of your injuries and help prevent yourself from suffering from future injuries and pain, rolfing is highly recommended. You’ll still need exercise and appropriate medical care, though.

2) Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is excellent for relieving pain. It involves the masseuse gently “kneading” your muscles with her hands and rubbing out excessive deep muscle tension.

This is more of a broad type of massage to relieve muscle pain in a global sense, while it can focus on your back pain for certain, it works great because it targets your whole body in order to heal all of your muscles by encouraging the release of energy, and improved flow of nutrients and water to your muscles.

Though deep tissue massages take a while and you may require several sessions depending on the severity of your condition, and some minor pain may occur, it’s still a very worthwhile options to relieve serious lower back pain.

3) Pressure Point Therapy, Also known As Accupressure Massage

During an accupressure massage session, the massage therapist will use his or her fingers to press down deep into the area of your body where you have muscle spasms or particularly intense muscle pain.

Accupressure massage provides direct muscle and nerve energy relief. A more specific, targeted, narrow, pinpointed massage to relieve specific areas and pain and the nerves in the immediate surrounding area.

This is highly recommended for loosening up knots in your back and it feels great.

Just be sure to drink plenty of water, take a good multivitamin (no soy!), and eat a good meal after the massages are over in order to accelerate your body’s natural healing process.

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