Lose the Back Pain – Three Quick Stretches to Stop Lower Back Pain

These three simple morning (or anytime!) exercises will help you lose the back pain very quickly.

1) Tennis ball compression

This helps relieve tension from muscles spasms. If you have any knots or tension spots in your back, grab two tennis balls (one for each side of your back or spine), wrap them together in a tower, and lay them on the floor side by side.

Then place these wrapped tennis balls underneath your muscles spasms and lay down

The workable concept here is that this relaxing exercise gives a free, easy, and relatively gentle pressure point massage for your lower back, or anywhere your back has muscle tension.

After a minute of laying there, breathing, you will start to feel your muscles relax. Their first reaction might be to tense up, but let them relax.

Once they are fully relaxed and the tension is relieved, you can get back up.

2) Reverse Swan Stretch

lay stomach down on your bed. Carefully and gently bend your knees so that your feet touch your butt, or close to it. Then carefully and slowly reach around and grab your feet with your hands. Gently pull your feet towards the back of your head.

Hold this stretch for as long as you can. Again, do this gently. This does not require force, the whole poitn is to simply move your muscles into a new position and lengthen them for improved blood flow so that your body and back can heal.

This stretches the front of your body and your abs for better support, and helps restore the natural curve in your spine by stretching it, and the muscles surrounding it, into place.

Gently rest and return your body back to form, laying flat on your stomach. Breathe. Relax for a minute then repeat.

Once you have done this, do the following stretch which reaches your lower back in the opposite direction…

3/ Sitting Superman Stretch

First stand straight up with your feet exactly shoulder width apart. Then breathe for a moment. Keep breathing, of course.

Now, gently squat down and rest your chest against your knees. Keep your butt off of the floor.

Stretch your arms out in front of you gently. You can think of this as the ‘sitting superman’ exercise.

You ought to feel a stretch in your lower back. Tilt your head down so that you are looking at the floor. This will stretch your whole back.

Hold this position for as long as you can and then release, stand up, and breathe.

Repeat these stretches every morning when you wake up and over time they will become easier as your back pain seriously diminishes.

You’re welcome.

P.S. If you feel the same exact kind of pain that you felt upon first injuring your back then you need to adjust your exercises. You ought to feel a good stretch or a “good” kind of pain, not a sharp stabbing nerve pain. So keep that in mind and relax yourself if you have to. Feel free to stop an exercise and try a different variation whenever you need to.

If you like these tips, check out the full free back pain guide below.

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