Lose the Back Pain – Exercises For Herniated Disc Pain Relief

A Herniated Disc is a very painful condition to deal with. Fortunately it’s easier to find relief than you might think. With these simple exercises that you can do right now, your herniated disc will begin to heal very quickly.

While this information is not a replacement for medical care (see your doctor), these herniated disc exercises can relieve pain at home naturally if executed properly.

The core principles behind healing a herniated disc rely upon easing pressure off of the spine by relaxing the spinal cord, taking pressure off of the connected nerves, and relieving surrounding muscles of any excessive and unnecessary strain.

These herniated disc exercises will relieve your pain. So let’s do that now.

Let Gravity do the work for you by Hanging Upside Down.

The first thing you need to do is take pressure off of your spine. The reason your disc is herniated is because of extra stress and pressure on your spine which causes nerves to pinch and rupture, while the muscles surrounding your spine fail to relax or properly support your spine with enough strength.

So to solve this, i recommend getting an inversion table that allows you to hang upside down safely while another person controls the angle and degree to which you hang.

However, while inversion tables are a worthy investment for relieving herniated disc pain, they are relatively expensive.

If you don’t have an inversion table, there’s an easy and FREE way to do this that has a similar effect on your back.

Lay on your bed, flat on your stomach. Then crawl towards the end of your bed and allow your torso to hang down over the side of the bed while your feet keep your anchored, steady, and balanced.

Then relax, breathe, and hang for 30-60 seconds, or longer if you can.

This also works with a couch or any soft surface that allows you to hang down and over, relaxed. If you’re really in a pinch you can strap your feet to a door frame with gravity boots or proper exercise equipment. Just BE VERY CAREFUL when doing so!

Allowing your spine to hang and your muscles to relax on their own, while breathing peacefully,  relieves the pressure on your back and releases the pain of your herniated disc.

In effect, you are outsourcing your pain relief to nature’s gravity, one of the most powerful forces in this world.

So it’s natural and safe.

If you’ve never done this before it’s normal to feel some pain or discomfort. However if the pain is too intense then stop and try again later.

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