Know What’s Behind Your Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common defects faced by every one of us which usually originates from the muscles, joints or other parts of the spine. With every 8 out of 10 people getting affected by this issue, the ways to find the symptoms and treat the pain is aplenty. Here’s a detailed guide to let you know your back pain better.

The Causes

The kinds include neck pain, upper and lower back pain or in the tailbone. The effects differ ranging from a constant ache to a sharp itching sensation. When the pain doesn’t fade off even after three months, then it’s a warning sign and it’s time to see the doctor. The prolonged occurrence is generally referred to as chronic and should be treated after properly diagnosing the cause. Back ache is usually caused by bad posture of sitting or sleeping, excessive pressure on the muscles, prolonged time spent in the same position or lifting weights.

As the spinal chord is the crucial part of the body, there are chances for the problem to radiate itself throughout every muscle causing severe damages. The lesser known fact is that it indicates a possible underlying threat to body like impending severe illness, spinal fracture or formation of cancer. At times, after undergoing such traumatic situations an instance of pain could be an aftereffect and nothing more.

Among the office goers and pregnant woman, acute discomfort in the lower back occurs most frequently. The best way simple way to treat is by holding a cold ice pack against the affected area for some time within the first 48 hours. If it exceeds the time limit using a heating pad or hot shower to soothe the muscles and lying on your stomach pressing against the pillow is advisable. Moreover, do not give into the myth that complete bed rest cures the problem because longer the relaxation, weaker the muscles tend to become.

Best Remedies

Regular exercise including taking a short walk, riding a stationary bicycle, aerobics or swimming helps relax the body, which in turn becomes a remedy. Physical therapy tends to accelerate the healing process naturally and increases the flexibility of muscles. Electrical stimulation, massage techniques, traction and hydrotherapy are other commons ways.

If you are worried about surgery, don’t be. Because it is a rare option that is opted for only when the chronic or acute pain prevails for years even after undergoing these treatment methods. In general, people get cured within a month or so and chances are less for a repeated occurrence.

Always keep the back in a straight posture while working, sitting or driving a car. Use properly leveled desk at work and develop a regularized position for sleeping comfortably. Use these basic tips to prevent the onset of acute pain.

On a long term basis, regular exercise to keep the weight under control and flexing the muscles is the best suggested way to avoid back pain.

Back Pain is a common symptom which stems from nerves, joints,muscles,or bones . To understand the causes of your back pain more deeply visit Back Pain Causes

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