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Back pain in Kerry is possibly no different than in other counties in Ireland and is most common in the winter months due mainly to our wet damp climate. For thousands of years people from all walks of life suffer from back pain and this can be so severe that in some cases people are confined to bed or not being able to work and totally destroys any sociable occasion.

Back pain may be caused from a simple sneeze, lifting items in the incorrect manner, sports injuries, or sitting at your computer all day in the incorrect posture position. Whatever the cause of this severe pain, something that would ease the pain would be welcome for any sufferers as I know from having injured my back on several occasions.

Treatment for back pain comes in many different forms form serious surgery, painkillers, exercise and one treatment that I found to be very beneficial, a Massage. However, even though this can be a costly method of treatment, over time, the benefits outweigh the costs at the time of your injury. During the time I was off work with my back pain, I did some research and came across the Homedics Back Massagers. This is a wonderful piece of equipment and costs less than two visits to any physio therapist.

Homedics Back Massagers are designed to fit on almost any chair and provides a massage to both lower and upper back with its two kneading like tools. There are two sets of these tools one for lower back and the other for the upper back which can be operated together or individually also you can stop the movement of these tools if you want to pinpoint a particular area of the back. Another big advantage with the homedics back massager is the fact that while the treatment for your back pain is in progress you can flick a switch which applies a soothing heat source to the treatment area.

Did you ever drive a long distance and at the end of your journey feel stiff and sore or after a hard day’s work digging the lawn, imagine if you could sit on your chair and have your very own back massager moving up and down your back with heat ironing out all those knots. You don’t have to have a back pain to use homedics back massager but it can be very beneficial if you have or if you just want to release the stress in this fast moving world.

I believe this pain relief system could benefit the Kerry back pain sufferers and at least start them on the recovery road.


Check out the Homedics Back Massagers for a soothing back pain Relief whenever you feel like it at

Article Source: Pat_Galvin


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