Is your job a pain in the back?

Back pain is associated with many types of habitual unhealthy work habits. Even though physical jobs are reputed to be a direct source of back pain, office-type occupations also lead to discomforting pains in the back especially if the wrong posture is assumed. In fact, almost 40% of work related compensations are due to back injuries.

Assuming a inappropriate sitting position on a regular basis stresses the spinal discs more than standing itself does. It is extremely important, therefore, to sit in the correct posture if your job includes long term desk work. The proper posture requires the knees to be bent at right angles, with feet flattened on the floor, and buttocks reaching the end of the seat. If you position the chairs and other office equipment appropriately reduces the risks of spraining the neck ligaments. The computer, for example, should be arranged to be at a natural eye level, and the phone should be within reach, not underneath or behind the desk. Muscle spasms are generally a characteristic of this class of occupation. As spasms are induced by minimal movement, obtaining basic knowledge on stretching exercises and adapt a stretching regime which will help to reduce muscle spasms.

For jobs that require lifting, it is best to lift by going down on one knee. Then the object that required lifting should be slid up the slanted knee, and repositioned upon the knee that bends at a right angle. Stand using your thigh muscles, and keep the spine straight whilst carrying the load. Simply bending over to lift the object will drooping the spines which in turn puts more pressure on the vertebrae and discs. Fracture or dislocation of the spine is a more common problem for this type of workers. This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

Other jobs which require standing for long periods of time such as ushers and doormen also impose undue pressure on the spine and limbs. The body should be in correct alignment, as an imbalanced centre of gravity results in back pain. Never wear high heels – it is better to look less sophisticated in padded shoes rather suffer sprained feet ligaments.

When reaching for an object that is above eye level, use a ladder instead of straining your neck ligaments. International standards that are imposed on your employer will enable you to reach an agreement with your employer especially if your current job conditions are aggravating your back pains.

This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

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