Is Yoga Bad For People With Back Pain?

Yoga is a wonderful exercise for the mind, body and spirit. Many people like to take part in yoga classes as it frees their mind while exercising and stretching their body. For those who have back pain, the thought of exercise may be a little daunting and many wonder how good yoga is for those who have bad backs. When answering the question as to whether yoga is bad for people with back pain, the answer is it all depends. The following will explain why.

Overexertion of the Back Region Can Exacerbate Back Pain

It is important to note that even exercise such as yoga can be bad for those who have back pain. When one overexerts their back region in any type of way, it can actually exacerbate the back pain, making it worse. With that said, if you want to engage in the practice of yoga, there are ways to do so and still be careful with your back.

Gentle Yoga Stretches May Help Those With Back Pain

One who gently performs yoga and stretches in the best manner as prescribed by a Florida physical therapy specialist can actually help their back pain to be minimized or eliminated in some cases. Depending on the reason for your back pain, in certain instances the yoga will stretch your back muscles so as to work out the kinks and get you up and moving again. Yoga is also a good mental relief for those who are anxious about their current back pain and want to feel better both mentally and physically.

In the end, yoga can actually help those who suffer from back pain along with other pain management techniques recommended by one’s FL pain management professional. If you are interested in yoga and suffer from back pain, ask your doctor if this is wise first and then, if so, make sure that the yoga exercises you perform are light enough so as not to make your back pain worse or cause further injuries.

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