How Yoga Prevents Back Pain

Heres a simple exercise that will not take much of your time: Stand while facing a wall with your feet apart by a hip width. Your toes should be partly turned in and around 2 feet out from the wall. Raise your hands apart by shoulder width while keeping your fingers splayed. Inhale and exhale. While you breathe out, pull your knee caps and turn your legs in without moving your feet. Then lock your arms and begin to push your chest to the wall.

To intensify this exercise, roll your shoulders back and down and then try taking your throat to the wall. Use your breath to make the exercise easier.

Even if you do not do yoga exercises, it pays to have a yoga mat at home. Most therapy exercises for chronic lower back pain are performed on the floor, and yoga mats are necessary to provide a stable and non-slippery surface for the exercises.

Yoga is recommended to prevent and cure back pain. It is helpful because it involves various types of postures to strengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body. Thus, yoga is a savior for many people suffering from back pain.

Yoga keeps the muscles moving freely and balanced as well as extends and decompresses limited regions of tightness. By doing so, yoga helps prevent back pain. Sitting for long hours can lead to contraction and compression of the spine. Especially for those who work in offices, the back bend poses in yoga can counter the hunching position over the computer all day.

Among the causes of back pain are weak back and abdominal muscles as well as poor posture. The postures used in yoga can make the muscles stronger and stretch the tight muscles, thus preventing back pain.

However, if you have pre-existing back pain and find it hard to move a lot, most yoga postures may be too hard for you to do. So it is important to consult a yoga therapist to ask for therapeutic exercises that can help you. A lot of yoga videos and books contain instructions on gentle exercises that are tailored for people suffering from chronic back pain.

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