How Pilates and Stretching Are the Most Affordable Back Pain Treatment Options

Have you ever injured or done certain damage to your back? If you have, then you know what real pain is. Sadly, a back that is not taken care of through exercise and good posture is easy to injure. However, it seems unavoidable that our backs experience some form of injury over the course of a lifetime. For women, there is childbirth, spending long hours sitting at the desk, or spending long hours standing. For men, there is heavy lifting, prolonged sitting if he works behind a desk, or prolonged standing. All of these things can yank the muscles out of shape, put too much pressure on the lower back, strain the muscles, rip ligaments, and force disks out of place. It is imperative that we treat our backs with care so that we do not end up in a wheelchair before our time.

Once our backs have been injured, many of us will rush to the emergency room. Several do not have insurance, so this can get quite costly – we’re talking thousands. Once a visit to a doctor or emergency room has been accomplished, we are usually referred to a specialist where we will receive either an option for physical therapy or medication for pain. Either way, both are going to cost money. In some of the worst cases, surgery is recommended to repair damage done to the back, and that can cost a whole lot more than a trip to the emergency room! Furthermore, surgeries, medications, and frequent trips to the doctor really do not even work in the long run. What if your back pain could be prevented, treated, and gotten rid of?

If you knew and understood the cause of why your back is in pain, you would understand exactly how to treat it. However, you are going to find that no matter how your back got the way that it is, it all boils down to proper spinal alignment and a strong core. What is a core, you ask? The core of your body is where everything comes together. It is consistent of five parts: the buttocks, abdominal muscles, hips, and lower back muscles. Once those muscles are repaired, toned, and tightened, there can be no more tearing, weakness, or straining that pulls everything out of place. Your core controls the way that you walk, and the way that you use your extremities. If the core is out of shape, the whole body flows out of rhythm, with each move contributing more toward the further misalignment of your spine.

What exercise can you do to fix all of this? Pilates and stretch. These exercises were formulated to help tighten and strengthen the core of your body to it’s maximum potential within a very short amount of time. The exercises are relatively simple to do, as the movements involved are very slow and controlled. They also help to give you your natural range of motion back due to the alignment of the spine. You can usually find Pilates instructions located on DVDs and in other instruction manuals, which usually cost only a couple of dollars at best. But, it sure beats the heck out of spending thousands on doctor bills! Focus on doing the workouts in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Your back is going to feel much better, and you will feel much stronger from the inside out.

There are a range of DVD’s on sale at which have been recommended by a leading British Osteopath/Physiotherapist.

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