Heat Therapy- A Cure For Lower Back Pain

In case of lower back pain a lot of therapies and treatments fail. So, it’s important to have more than one treatment handy. Heat therapy for the treatment of lower pain is one such option. It is easy yet effective technique to tackle lower back pain. All you are needed to do is give heat to the affected area to obtain relief.

Heat therapy has been used to treat several types of lower back pain including sciatica. It is generally used when back pain is caused as a result of over exertion. Over exertion results in tension in the muscles and soft tissues that surround the spine. This leads to pain. Heat therapy eases the muscle tension and therefore provides pain relief.

This therapy is known to be the most effective of all other treatments for sciatica. It provides immediate relief. The purpose why the heat therapy is so effective is the fact that it works in more than one way to offer relief. The first way how it works is that it facilitates the dilation of the blood vessels which make certain the circulation of medicines and nutrients within the lumbar area. This fastens the recovery process manifold. It also stimulates the sensory receptors in a way that they stop transmitting pain signals to the brain and hence you feel relief.

If your back pain is a result of some type of injury or physical trauma, heat therapy may be of superb help. It reduces the stiffness caused in the muscles as a result of injury, which eases the discomfort. In addition, it also cuts down on tension in the muscles and soft tissues, which in addition facilitates pain relief.

Well, heat therapy may be given in two ways, dry and moist heat therapy. The dry heat therapy involves using electric heating pads and saunas. These techniques draw out the moisture from the body and give heat whereas the moist heat penetrates the body to give relief. For moist heat, you can take hot water bath or use moist heating pads.

To improve your lower back pain via heat therapy you can also use devices such as the hot water bottle, heat wraps, electric heating pads, heated gel packs and the like. Each one of these devices incorporates a distinct technology but they serve the same purpose of providing heat to your lower back area to relieve you from pain.

It’s the most basic way to release sciatic pain and does not have the chances of giving you any negative effects too. So, in case you are suffering from sciatica, you can undergo heat therapy to treat it. Another plus point of using heat therapy for sciatica is that it provides comfort right away in a condition of severe pain.

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