Have You Got Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is one of the most common problem faced by people world wide. In America alone, up to 90% people suffer from it. There could be several reasons behind that excruciating back pain. Most of the times, the back pain is caused by muscle strain. Lower back pain can be really painful. It is not a disease I itself, but a symptom of many underlying problems. If you are suffering from it, delaying seeing the doctor can be dangerous.

Unless the root cause behind the pain is found out, it can’t be cured properly. More often than not, people neglect this and the problem gets worse. It is very important to see a doctor and discuss the symptoms of the lower back pain. Sometimes the back pain is caused due to the injury to muscles, bones or spine. The pain which arises from the abnormalities of the organs within the abdomen, pelvis or chest is also felt in the back and is called referred pain.

Sometimes, the pain is caused by the wrong sitting posture. It is more or less, a lifestyle disease. People have become used to sitting for long hours in front of the computer and this leads to a wrong sitting posture. The back has to bear the brunt. If neglected, it can become chronic. It is very important to sit in a right posture. Sometimes the sleeping posture and the surface of sleeping is also the cause.

Back pain is also a symptom of many other diseases like-  arthritis, obesity, spine disc damage etc. in case of arthritis, the pain may be felt any where. And if the condition deteriorates, it can not be cured. Some exercise like yoga and tai chi can reduce the pain. If the discs of the spine get damaged, this also leads to back pain. In this case, the nerves get pinched which cause the pain. If in an accident the back gets injured, it also causes the back pain.

Some of the other causes of lower back pain are- tumors in spine, diabetes, spinal stenosis etc. the age factor also causes back pain. If you have got lower back pain, mild or chronic, it is better to get it diagnosed as early as possible. Delaying it can lead to further problems as well.

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