Ease Back Pain With More Exercise

People who are experiencing back pain should be exercising more. This is what a study suggests.

A study, which was conducted in the University of Alberta, had 240 subjects consisting of men and women who are suffering from chronic lower back pain. The study showed that those who exercised four days a week had a better quality of life, experiencing 28% less pain and 36% less disability, compared to those who visit the gym for two to three days a week.

According to researchers, back pain can hinder people from exercising; however, findings of the study show that lifting weights or working out for four days or more provides a great deal of pain relief and a good quality of life.

It is expected for people who are experiencing pain to stay in bed and not to move around. However, that action will result to further loss of mobility and will also prolong the pain. Therefore, experts recommend that those who are suffering from low back pain should continue to stay active. Staying active means doing day to day activities and avoid becoming sedentary. It is also recommended to undergo training programs or exercises which will be done every day on a regular basis. This is to help in maintaining an optimum blood circulation.

There are also special back exercises that can be done in order to relieve back ache. These active back exercises help in distributing nutrients to the disc spaces and soft tissues in the back so that the muscles and joints will remain healthy.  If these exercises are done regularly, it can help in preventing stiffness, weakness, and occurrence of low back pain.

Stretching should also be included in your exercises because it can help in gaining and maintaining mobility and flexibility. People who have chronic back pain may find it weeks or months of stretching to be able to mobilize the spine and the soft tissues, but they will also find that sustained relief of low back pain follows the increase in motion experienced through back exercises and stretching.

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