DVD Of Dr. Yang is Good Solution For Your Painful Back

Dr. Yang has released many Qigong DVDs, one of them is “Simple Qigong Exercises for Back Pain Relief”. This DVD can help you relieve pain and rebuild the strength and flexibility of your back. Especially for someone who have back problems since birth. You will find this program useful, and incorporat some of the program into your morning back ritual.


The DVD begins with a scene of Dr. Yang performing Qigong movements with a voice over providing a brief introduction to Qigong and the DVD program. The narrator then goes into explaining the Five Regulatings; Body, Breath, Mind, Qi, and Spirit. It’s a very brief explanation, and while you hear the voice, you see Dr. Yang performing some movements. The narrator then discusses some important keys to practice, such as balance of body and mind, unification of internal and external, and mutual dependence of mind and breathing. These introductory comments take up almost ten minutes of the program, so again, they are brief and introductory.


When the program gets to the qigong exercises for back pain, there are first some instructions. The program then takes you through movements to loosen the lower back, stretching, soft and soft-hard spine qigong, and stationary hard qigong,


At the forty-two minute mark, the program goes into qigong massage for back pain. There is an explanation of what the massage is for, and then some basic qigong massage points and methods are demonstrated. Like the earlier portion of the program, the instruction is done with a voice over as the techniques are shown on a person laying on a table being massaged. General massage rules, hand forms, and self-massage and massaging a partner are covered. The entire program is approximately an hour and a half of instruction.


While I liked this DVD, found some good information, and generally found it a good addition to my qigong resources, it is not my favorite of Dr. Yang’s Qigong DVDs, and here’s why. I do not like programs that use a voice over as much as programs where the instructor teaches to the camera. I much prefer Dr. Yang’s programs where he is actually doing the teaching. (I feel this way for all martial art and exercise instructional DVDs) I would have liked Dr. Yang to have talked us through the movements and massage techniques as he was doing them, rather than the voice over. That’s just my personal preference.


There is a book that his DVD was made to accompany. I have not yet read the book, but would guess from my other books by Dr. Yang that it goes into more detail regarding some of the concepts than the DVD program. Using them both together would be ideal.


I think people who suffer back pain will be able to find relief through the exercises shown on this DVD, depending on why they have pain in the first place. I also think it is a good addition to a person’s qigong library if they are studying qigong and want to learn about all areas of this Chinese practice.


Alain Burrese, J.D. is a performance and personal development expert who teaches how to live, take action, and get things done through the Warrior’s Edge. Alain combines his military, martial art, and Asian experiences with his business, law, and conflict resolution education into a powerful way of living with balance, honor, and integrity. He teaches how to use the Warrior’s Edge to Take Action and Achieve Remarkable Results. Alain is the author of Hard-Won Wisdom From The School Of Hard Knocks, the DVDs Hapkido Hoshinsul, Streetfighting Essentials, Hapkido Cane, the Lock On Joint Locking series, and numerous articles and reviews. You can read more articles and reviews and see clips of his DVDs as well as much more at http://www.burrese.com and http://www.aikiproductions.com

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