Cure Back Pain at Home With 3 Simple Tips – Guarantee Relief

There are many causes for back pain. It may be due to an injury suffered from any sports game you played recently or inflicted by an old wound you got many years ago. The pain you’re experiencing might display differently as below:

Sometimes it comes and returns
Sometimes it haunts you for the whole day
While there are also times where you feel sudden sharpness pain as if tearing your muscle or spine

Here are 3 simple tips you can use at home to cure your back pain temporarily.

Gentle Massage

This is the most common method to relief back pain. It is also one of the methods which is widely used by the back pain patients. Smooth gentle massage on the injury location for 10-20 minutes daily is enough to return you a short period of peaceful for the day. Using Chinese medicated wine to assist the massage is also highly recommended as it has been proven working effectively to cure chronic back pain.

Hot Towel Relief

There are 2 ways to use this treatment. One is to place the hot towel on your back. Change the towel every 5 minutes in order to provide consistent temperature on your back. Another way is to rub your back gently with hot towel to help releasing muscle stiffness. Note that the direction on how you rub is very important. You can either rub top to bottom or bottom top for the entire session.

Do not ever try zig zag or some funny rubbing methods because that will not cure your back, they will make you feel way more uncomfortable.

Proper Exercise

If you’re having consistent back pain, do some light exercises for examples bending and squatting. Do them 3 sets of 10 a day. These exercises might look simple but they are effective and most importantly, you can relief your back pain almost instantly.

If you’ve tried the tips above and your back pain still last, try this newly found pain-free revolutionary exercise.

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