Causes, Symptoms and Treatments For Chronic Back Pain

Causes, symptoms and treatments for chronic back pain are different for each patient. For the most part, it depends on who you ask and their diagnosis. Some of the more common ones are ruptured disc, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and inflammation caused by muscle strain.

Common back pain rarely requires the services of a doctor or hospital. It is usually treated with Tylenol or Ibuprofin and goes away on its own in a day or two. Usually, the underlying reason for the pain in the first place is not addressed. The root cause is most likely bad postural habits.

When common back pain is left to go away on its own without posture corrections and doing exercises or stretches to treat the problem, it will likely come back as a recurring pain.

The reason most people don’t properly treat the cause of the pain is that they believe it requires the services of a physical therapist or chiropractor. That comes from years of being lead to believe that they cannot do anything for themselves when it comes to health care.

The truth is that you can take care of just about any non-traumatic back pain all by yourself. The exercises you need to do are simple. My three year old does extension with me when my back feels tight. It is cute, but it also shows how simple the exercises are.

If you don’t correct your posture and begin to do some basic exercises when you experience recurring pain, it will lead to chronic pain. Each time your back “goes out” will be worse than the time before until eventually the pain never goes away.

You end up with chronic inflammation in your lower back that burns 24 hours a day. It can be treated with NSAIDS such as Aleve. But the most you can hope for is a slight pain reduction.

If you continue to ignore your body, eventually the pain will get acute. You will be forced onto prescription medication to get relief. Muscle relaxing drugs and pain killers can only make the pain bearable until the acute episode is over. You are left with “only” your normal chronic pain. Freedom from pain is a far away dream.

If left untreated, regardless of which stage you may be in, the road leads to the same place. Unbearable lumbar pain, or maybe sciatica that makes taking a single step the most painful thing you have ever been through, and exceeded only by the next step.

If you are lucky you may get a Lortab or Vicodin to make the pain tolerable, but many doctors are afraid of prescribing them. Even if you get a strong narcotic, its benefit stops when you take the last pill.

Meanwhile, the discs remain compressed and out of shape and you are no better off. Bad posture remains, straining muscles and further compressing discs out of shape.

You can successfully treat your own chronic back problems and should do everything you can do for yourself before getting involved with doctors or others who require large payments for their often dangerous services, such as surgery and pills that list death as a possible side effect..

The main cause of all back problems is poor posture. Probably three out of four people who complain of back pain would be cured by correcting their sitting and standing postures.

Addressing and correcting your posture immediately at the onset of pain will prevent it from getting worse and usually end the pain just by restoring and maintaining your lumbar lordosis. That is the inward curve of your lower spine. It will also help relieve pain that you have had for a while and prevent it from getting worse.

Once you have corrected your sitting and standing positions and can consistently maintain your lordosis, you can address the painful results of your bad posture through extension exercise.

No matter what the cause may be attributed to, be it a disc issue or whatever, the treatment for it should start at home with simple extension exercises and postural corrections.

Both of these reverse the root causes of chronic back pain in the vast majority of those who suffer from it. And both can only be corrected by you.

You need to take it upon yourself to end your chronic pain. Let me show you a simple treatment that will help you stop the pain by teaching YOU how to correct the problems at the source.

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