Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Several individuals all over the world are plagued by lower back pain. Lower back pain has different causes and different symptoms also arise. Back pain can be severe, chronic and acute. In search for answers, here are the causes, symptoms and treatment for the aching back.


1. Severe pain in the back while lifting objects whether it is light or heavy.
2. Unable to stand up or walk because of pain in the back
3. Numbness in the back and spine
4. Pain is felt when coughing or sneezing
5. Pain that in the lower part of the body that lasts for hours or even longer.
6. Muscles are stiff or tender with combined pain.
7. The hips, legs, joints and knees are also in pain.


1. Lumbar muscle strain – Strained muscles in the lower part of the body causing lower back pain.
2. Arthritis – A degenerative disease that affects the elderly. Joints in the hands, knees and other parts of the body are inflamed causing lower back pain.
3. Spinal stenosis – A condition wherein the spinal canal is constricted causing severe pain in the back.
4. Osteoporosis – Commonly affects the elderly. It is a kind of disease that weakens the bones causing generalized discomfort in the back or fractures as well.
5. Herniated disc – Also known as ruptured disc. The bones in the spine slips to its proper alignment and the nerve roots are pinned causing it to bulge hence lower back pain is felt.
6. Obesity – Obesity is a weight problem that also causes lower back pain in individuals. Because of excess weight, the spinal structure of the body cannot fully support the whole body causing pain in the back.
7. Pregnancy – Being overweight during pregnancy can also cause backache.
8. Kidney diseases – Kidney stones, kidney infection and kidney failure may help cause lower back pain.
9. Injury – Severe cases of accidents that causes injury like fractures, blow in the back, sudden impact due to falling from the bed or chair can also cause lower back pain.


1. Proper exercise can help relieve lower back pain. There are back exercises that can be applied to treat the hurting. Make sure not to exert more pressure because it can aggravate the pain in the back.
2. Diet – Nutritious foods should be in your diet to strengthen your body against diseases that cause back ailments. Foods rich in protein and calcium are needed to repair worn out muscles and to build up bone strength.
3. Medicines that can be purchased over the counter give temporary relief of lower back pain.
4. Heat pads and ice packs can be applied to the affected area in the back to stop the pain.
6. Herbs like ginger, capsaicin, and other herbs can also help alleviate lower back pain.
7. Surgery is the last resort if the pain in the back is severe and it cannot be treated by other remedies.

These are the causes, symptoms and treatments of lower back pain. A doctor’s advice should be the first priority for correct diagnosis and treatment.

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