Causes Of Lower Back Pain

However, a holistic view of the body can begin to sort out the confusion. By evaluating the relationship between the body’s overall structure in gravity and it’s function in movement, the causes of lower back pain begin to reveal themselves.

A holistic perspective guides us to one of the most overlooked sources, not only of lower back pain, but chronic pain in general. That source is skeletal muscles.

A look at the anatomical components that comprise the back is our first step in learning what can go wrong to cause back pain and understanding why the pain can’t even be counted upon to confine itself to the part of our bodies in which it originates. In this article we’ll take a brief look at some of the more common, if elusive, causes of back pain and explore some of the ways in which health care professionals try to track it down.

If your job involves carrying heavy items; if you were to move to a new home and you were require to move heavy furniture; or for whatever reasons, be well-informed of the proper way to lift the heavy items or you may regret later or even the rest of your life. The lack of knowledge on how to properly carry a heavy load is one of the very common causes of lower back pain. Most people do the easy way out by bending their back to lift loads and such improper technique can cause serious injuries.

Nerve damage is another common problem associated with this pain. However nerve damage can happen to anyone because it is typically caused my manual strain you have put on your back. This strain is really not your fault, because often times it occurs during daily activities such as work, lifting object, or playing golf.

Pressure on the lowest nerves of the lower back and tailbone area results in loss of bowel and/or bladder control. Symptoms may also cause loss of sensation around the anus. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is urgent that you have an examination and MRI immediately at a hospital. These symptoms are beyond the scope of a chiropractor, family medical doctor or orthopedist. A neurosurgical evaluation is recommended. This condition can be caused by a severe disc herniation, stenosis or a tumor.

There are many different reasons for back pain. Some of which are caused by things in your control and others by things out of your control.

For example, things you can control include things such as poor posture and obesity, while things out of your control include a traumatic accident, an infection or even an exercise or sports injury.

Supplementing with whey protein seems to be totally safe, unless you don’t follow a few common guidelines. In fact, there are 3 simple guidelines that you should follow, and drinking water is definitely one of those guidelines. We’ll talk about why you and I are experiencing lower back pain, due to kidney overdrive, in just a moment. First, let’s discuss 3 rules you must follow, while supplementing with whey protein.

Arthritis of the spine is the most common cause of acquired spinal cord dysfunction and can manifest in subtle symptoms, such as diminished balance and dexterity, or profound symptoms, such as paralysis and incontinence. It is sometimes the diagnosed reason for back pain. Severe arthritis of the spine is common in those with poor posture.

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