Back Pain

Back pain is a particularly prominent issue in adults and can be caused by a number of different factors. As you may know if you are suffering from back pains, it can be an extremely debilitating health issue.

The majority of back pain originates from sprains or strains caused by movements which place the back’s muscles and tendons in a stressed position. In these cases, the most effective treatment is simple rest and time. In addition, applying ice to the injured area and taking anti-inflammatory medication can aid in lessening the pain back to a more manageable level.
Most of the time, medical attention and surgery are not necessary and the ailment will improve with rest. However, more serious conditions such as herniated discs may require surgery and or physical therapy.
If the pain in back persists, it is always a good idea to consult a physician to diagnose the potential issues you may be facing.

Back pain can be a recurring injury and even simply movements that involve twisting or bending can bring the pain back. Staying active and exercising often can help in preventing these injuries. Maintaining a strong core and lower back reduces the risk of back pain exponentially.

Injuries most commonly occur in the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back in the form of strains and sprains. These common ailments are not serious and will heal on their own with rest. However, injuries in the bones or nerves of the back can be a much more serious issue.

Tears in discs for instance can cause the annulus fibrosis to bulge out which can cause acute pain and inflammation. These injuries require immediate medical attention and many times require surgery.

Maintaining proper posture throughout the day, exercising frequently and using proper form when lifting heavy objects are the three most effective ways to avoid injuring your back.

In the event of an injury to your back, apply ice to the injured area immediately. After 48 hours, you may want to apply heat packs to the injured area which will relax injured tissue, alternating ice and heat therapy from then forward.

Acute back pain often lasts four to six weeks, while chronic back pain can be a long-term annoyance sometimes lasting throughout life in certain cases.
Taking the preventative actions to avoid back pain and utilizing the aforementioned treatments in the case of an injury are the best ways to avoid experiencing long-lasting, chronic back pain.

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