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Hello I am a chronic back pain suffer myself, I have been to countless physicians offices, chiropractors, physical therapists and pain management clinics with no remedy. Finally I decided to take action myself, I can’t make the pain go away completely but for a short time of the day I do feel relief.

All the orthopedic tactics are basically for is to give you hope and then the reality sets in knowing no one can help you but you.

I don’t have a degree, or anything that says I know what I am talking about, I am only a man who suffers from chronic back pain.

Most Doctors don’t tell you how to feel better because they have no idea how it feels to suffer from this pain, they only know what they read in books. We can read too, but again they only know from what is told to them , not from actually feeling this pain.

It is hard to describe the pain, sometimes it stabs next time it throbs, and the worst, when you can’t move or breath, the pain is so controlling it takes over your whole body.

So here I am trying to cope with this pain,taking pain medicine, deep heat rubs, sometimes ice, and doing okay like everyone else who is a suffer, but I did find a moment of relief, to actually relax for a moment and feel hardly any pain.

We as a whole have suffered and will suffer the rest of our lives, I only hope this will help you , if even for a moment to not feel the pressure, the knots, just feel relaxed.

It is as simple as this, lie on the floor with a pillow under your head, placing yourself in front of a chair or sofa, knee high, you are going to scoot your bottom up to the base of the chair, resting your legs in the chair, now RELAX……..

I truly hope this works for you as it works for me, and like I said it WILL NOT cure you, only give you some relief for a short time, and for me it is Good.

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