Back Pain – Is Vinegar a Cure?

For thousands of years apple cider vinegar has been regarded as a cure for any number of diseases. From the flu to stomachache, scholera, diphtheria, high fever, dysentery, urinary infections and more. But can it also cure back pain? A lot of people believe it can.

Many people report relief from their back pain by taking apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. Most report relief in 3-5 days. Some even feel a lessening in their pain after 2-3 glasses. Now most of these stories are anecdotal. For what’s it’s worth here’s my story.

Aunt Izzy died at 95 not form cancer or heart attack but unfortunately from an accident. Right up to her death she drank apple cider in a glass of water every day. Her mind was sharp. She could carry on a conservation about current events or some event in her life from 80 years ago. She rarely even took an aspirin, lived on her own in her home of 55 years. When ever some one was feeling sick her response was try some vinegar.

Recently dealing with severe back pain, surgery and physical therapy I been looking for natural non-invasive treatments. Would apple cider work? research online reveal a number of sites claiming vinegar might work. I started taking a tablespoon in a glass of water. The taste was pretty strong so I added a tablespoon of honey. The next day the pain was less despite an intensive physical therapy session. After three days the pain although still present is much better. Will it work for you? I don’t know but vinegar is a cheap,simple home remedy with no side affects.

There is no science behind apple cider vinegar as a cure, but maybe worth a try. One treatment that has been proven for thousands is the Lose The Back Pain System.

The Buck Stops Here! Find relief from your back pain. There are alternatives to suffering and surgery. Natural non-evasive methods that have help thousands cure their back pain. For more information visit

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