Back Pain Exercises That Help Relieve Pain and Discomfort

Exercises are one of the natural ways to get relief from any form of pain and stiffness. Here in this article you will find some highly effective exercises for back pain which will greatly help you to get relief from pain and discomfort associated with back pain.

1. Sides and waist stretching can be done by standing with slightly flexed knees, and placing the right hand behind the head. Then one has to slowly grab and gently pull the right elbow with the left hand. Bending slightly to the left would make one feel a gentle stretch. One has to hold the stretch for 30 seconds, then repeat the exercise at least 3 times and then switch over to the opposite side.

2. Piriformis stretching can be done by sitting on chair and placing the left ankle over right leg just above the knee and leaning forward. The stretch has to be held for 30 seconds, and then one can switch over to the opposite side.

3. Stretching of hamstring muscles can be done by lying flat on the back, and raising the left leg up. One has to grab the leg and try to pull it further upwards, until a gentle pull is felt in the back of thigh or hamstring muscles. The same has to be done with the right leg also.

4. For quadriceps or front of thigh muscle stretching, one has to stand up, bend the knee behind one self, grab the ankle and gently pull the heel towards the buttocks. This has to be done until one feels a gentle pull in the quadriceps. This pull has to be held for 30 seconds, and then one can switch over to the other leg.

5. Back and neck stretching can be done through wall back stretch. For this one has to stand with one’s back against the wall, and try to push or press the small of one’s back, and the region behind the neck against the wall. This stretching has to be done for 30 seconds at a time.

6. To loosen up stiff necks, neck rolling is useful. For this one has to maintain an upright posture while sitting or standing, and then slowly allow the neck to fall forward. While doing so, one has to keep the neck and shoulder relaxed. Then one has to slowly roll the neck to one side and let it drop; after 10 seconds roll the neck to the other side and let it drop. One should remember not to stretch the neck backwards.

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