Back Pain – Common Causes & Common Solutions For Lower Back Pain

The chances you will experience lower back pain – either insignificant or major – sometime in your life is pretty good.

If you’re fortunate, it will only last a day or two. If not so fortunate, you may be one of the millions who have constant pain during their life.

Prevention methods need to be identified and implemented, earlier in life is best, as prevention works a whole lot better than any treatment.  Even a basic understanding of what causes back pain can be enough to help avoid such a condition.

Many back issues are caused because of poor posture. Unfortunately, the posture of many people has greatly decreased because of the use of computers. While you are at your desk, be sure that you use proper posture, and take many breaks to walk around, which increases circulation.

Another reason why so many people suffer is because of poor lifting practices.  When you need to lift anything that is heavy you should always get help, and you need to bend your knees.  When you bend your knees, it prevents all of the weight you are lifting from putting force directly on your back.

Backs need to be exercised and stretched.  When your back is not active for long periods of time, it will get weak and there will be more pressure put on bone and  joints which can cause agonizing conditions. 

There are a great number of physiotherapists who claim that muscle imbalances are in fact the biggest cause of pain in the lower back.  There are numerous instances of back issues classified as chronic or severe that have been cured by relieving the imbalances of muscles that keep the spine and pelvis supported. A good doctor of chiropractic should be consulted.

There is good news though. Back pain can be eliminated way before it becomes a big problem. Avoid any stress that you put on your back, learn proper posture (especially while sitting at the computer), learn how to stretch and exercise your back, and, if necessary, seek professional help to better align your structure and muscles.

It can save you a lifetime of pain because of chronic back pain.

Mary Jacobs has been writing articles about health issues and alternatives and other popular topics for over 20 years. Her most recent articles about best hammocks for sale can be visited at

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