Back Muscle Pain And Stiffness Herbal Remedies That Work

The most common form of pain experienced in the back is caused by muscles when they get pulled or strained, sprained, damaged, infected or swollen. Sometime muscle pain in lower back is mistaken by spinal pain because it hurts during the movement. Though back muscle pain does not pose any serious threat to health barring few serious infections, but it can be very agonizing and troublesome.

Back muscle pain can be caused by many reasons, one of the most common reasons is muscle strain. Muscles are structures formed by the chains of muscle fibers which are attached to each other. When muscle is over stretched these attachments get damaged or even separated to cause pain and inflammation. However simple massages and use of over the counter pain relieving medicines can cure the problem. Another form of muscle strain is tearing of ligament, ligaments attach the muscles with bones and when due to excess pressure or over use these attachments are stretched or separated they cause muscle pain and swelling. In common language these problems are referred as muscle pulls and conservative measures to cure them are effective.

Muscle stiffness is another form of problem which is caused by back pain and may give rise to pain in other areas. When a muscle or ligament gets injured the surrounding muscles may get stretched due to swelling in the affected muscle or ligament, which causes stiffness in them and if stretched during the movement may get injured to aggravate the pain. Muscle may also cause spasms which may last few seconds or minutes, this is uncontrollable and involuntary.

Implications of back muscle pains can be severe at times if they are left untreated or the root of the problem is not cured. Like people working in an environment where they make repetitive motions or exert continuous pressure on any particular part may become victim of muscle imbalance and may face severe muscular pains in future. This problem promotes reluctance in moving a particular joint which can initiate lack of movement and later cause problems with the range of joint movement.

There are many herbs and oils made up of herbal ingredients which can relax the tired muscles by improving blood flow to them. Few of these herbs can be taken orally and few are for topical use. Winter cherry is an excellent tonic for increasing stamina, strength and energy levels of the body and also provides muscular strength. Saw palmetto, rosemary are excellent anti-inflammatory herbs, cayenne pepper is available in the form of cream as non-prescription medicine for topical use which relaxes muscles and nerves and reduces pain immediately. Chamomile tea 2-3 times in a day is an excellent muscle relaxant. Warm mustard seed extract is very good for moderate massage to relieve all sorts of muscle pain and also good for muscle strengthening.

Light exercises like walking, jogging and swimming can regularize the blood flow to all parts of the body which helps in relieving over used muscles and helping them to come out of exhaustion. Bathing with warm water before going to bed is another remedy for avoiding muscle pain.

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