Ayurveda: A Natural And Permanent Solution For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common physical disorders that may take you in its trap at almost any time without any warning symptoms. Though it is a very common ailment among people throughout the world; at times, back pain can take a severe form which can leave you feeling crippled. It can adversely affect the normal body functioning, leading to discomfort in the day-to-day activities such as bending down, getting up from the bed or even sleeping.

Back pain can occur in any part of the back i.e. upper, middle or lower back and may extend up to hips and legs. The most prominent type of back pain is the lower- back pain because it is this portion of the back that undergoes constant pressure throughout the day while performing everyday tasks. It is mainly caused due to a strain on the back which usually results from a sudden incorrect movement or from lifting a heavy object. Back pain can also be caused due to poor muscle tone in the back, tension or spasm of back muscles. Sometimes, pain arising from the abnormalities of organs within the abdomen, pelvis or chest may also be felt in the back. Long and continuous sitting hours and wrong postures can also aggravate the back pain. Various degenerative disorders including a number of spinal disorders such as herniated discs, osteoporosis and spinal fractures can also be the cause of chronic back pain. Other factors like stress, depression and anxiety may trigger the onset of back pain.

Despite advancements in today’s medical technologies, back pain remains a complex physical disorder and most forms of medical treatments fail to treat many back pain episodes. But there are numerous non-surgical treatments and home-remedies for the treatment of back pain. Following an exercise plan as soon as the pain crops up and then making exercise a routine is very important for the long-term treatment of the back pain.

Heat and cold therapies, physical therapies such as flexibility and strengthening exercise programs and use of medications can also be helpful to a large extent in the treatment of back pain. One can find relief by applying muscle relaxants and undergoing massage therapies. Besides, a wide range of natural herbs such as Rosemary, Gingko Biloba, Cayenne pepper, Chamomile, ginger and kava root are also some of the most efficient remedies for back pain.

Ayurveda, too, with its vast range of herbal supplements has proved to be a highly effective solution for all back related problems. One of its potent products for back pain treatment is CoreCare which is a blend of various natural herbs integrated to restore the mind-body constitution. This herbal remedy for back pain health supplement allows the strained back muscles to loosen naturally and helps in removing stiffness of the back quickly. Its natural herb extracts release anti-inflammatory juices which reduce the swelling and pain simultaneously. CoreCare Get rid of all kinds of back pains and revive your vigorous life-routine with the Ayurveda’s age-old trusted range of natural herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements care is creating finest herbal supplements for various purposes. We offer Ayurvedic herbal supplements for body pain, natural health supplements, CoreCare and kidney stones.

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