5 Back Pain Myths – The Truth About Back Pain

Back pain is not something we think about unless we are experiencing it. However, with 80% of the population expected to suffer from it at some point in our lives, it seems prudent to think about it now, before we are forced to. There is still much about this condition that we do not understand, and sometimes the cause and the source of the pain will remain unclear.

Conversely, there are many things that we do understand, but sometimes the facts can get confusing. Listed below are the top 5 myths about back pain, followed by the correct and accepted facts. This information will be valuable not only to the 80% of us who will suffer from back pain, but the 100% of us whose lives will somehow be affected by it.

Myth: Back pain won’t happen to me.

Truth: The fact is 8 out of 10 people will experience pain in our backs at some time in their life. The fact is:

* The leading cause of disability in men over the age of 45.
* The 2nd most common reason for a visit to a primary care doctor.
* The 3rd most common reason for a surgical procedure.
* The 5th most common reason of a hospitalization.

Myth: An MRI or other test is needed to diagnosis problems.

Truth: Most health professionals can develop a successful treatment approach based on detailed personal medical history and physical exam utilizing conservation protocols. If the patient does not respond to this basic treatment, then MRIs or other diagnostic testing will be done. (Most pain will improve on its own in a short period of time. Only specific symptom patterns in a minority of cases would indicate the need for sophisticated testing immediately.

Myth: The back problem shown on my MRI needs to be fixed or cured.
Truth: An abnormality seen on your MRI scan may not be the source of your back pain. The majority of people who have never had back pain will have an abnormality (herniated disc, degenerated disc) on a imaging test. For those who are experiencing back pain, 92-96% can be treated successfully without back surgery utilizing conservative treatment protocols.

Myth: Back pain is unavoidable.
Truth: Many types of spinal pain, strains and sprains, can be prevented. Staying active, increasing muscle strength and practicing good posture and body mechanics can prevent back injury. Loosing a few of those extra pounds may also be helpful in reducing your risk of back injuries.

Myth: Rest is important in recovering from back pain episodes.
Truth: More than 1-2 days of rest can be detrimental to recovery. Exercise, or motion therapy, has been shown to enhance recovery. Movements increase blood flow and nutrients to injured areas of your back, increase muscle flexibility and range of motion all while decreasing your pain levels. Just remember: Motion is the lotion and rest is rust.

Lori Bozenbury is a proud contributing author and writes articles on the many causes and treatments of back pain. With the many treatment options available today, patient education is the key to making the right healthcare decisions. Take charge of your health; learn about a non-surgical treatment option which has shown amazing results by visiting http://www.spinesix.com

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