When To Seek Medical Care For Back Pain

Back pain is a very common disorder that is rarely due to an illness. Plain “back pain” is usually such back pain is called going over after a while. The problem is that the actual cause or part of the cause of the problem often remains even if the pain will pass. This makes the problem often recurs or later create other problems. That is why it is important to conduct the study and treatment by a chiropractor or physical therapist.

Back pain – where do you turn?

It is not easy to know where to turn when you have back pain but I’ll give a few simple tips and explain why.

Simplified you can lumbago due to two different causes:

First disturbance in the function or so-called deadlock.

This patient is in pain or is just stiff, but is usually not so distorted in kropppen and can go pretty straight. Visit the chiropractor … If you start not to do better in three treatments, it is very likely that a disk is the cause. Visit the MST-physiotherapist.
2nd Disk Curl (and herniated disc).

This patient is often leaning forward or is clearly distorted in the back (as pictured below). Often summer you sit down. Visit the MST-physiotherapist. Disk Curl treated more effectively with MDT than manipulation. Have you desutom radiations or numbness down the legs can defeat makes it worse.

Consideration of a chiropractor when back pain

It is important to try to continue with normal activities and move around so much you can handle when you have a sore back. Sleep does not cure back pain. On the contrary, it can make symptoms worse.

It is a chiropractor does is that he recreates the normal function of the body so that the interaction between nerves, muscles, bones and ligaments work again. If you have back pain so has this interaction been suspended?

The treatment of a chiropractor should take at least 30 minutes to be able to conduct a thorough examination and treatment. Here at Chiropractic Gothenburg, you get 30 minute examination and treatment.

Back pain and work

There are many studies around work and back pain. The results are however not completely clear. It has clearly been shown to affect the risk of back disorders in the workplace is about being comfortable in their work. There is also a link between back pains and to work on shaking and vibrating surface for a long time. If, in his work often has bent and twisted postures for lifting and if you frequently lift heavy, so does the risk of back disorders.

Back pain is common in all ages, even among people who do not have heavy or back strain at work and unemployed. It’s probably better to have a job which means that the back has a certain load than a job that is sedentary. For anyone who may be back pain, only a few percent of the time that the cause is the stress at work. Even if you have a fairly heavy work, it follows that you get good speed on it as soon as practicable return to work. Nor is it dangerous to use pain medication to start working again.

It is important that you enjoy your work

Job satisfaction is very important. If you are not happy or feel dissatisfied with what you do, increases the risk of developing symptoms of back pain. Poor social support and stress in the workplace can also contribute to increased symptoms if you have a sore back.

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