What Can I Do to Get My Ex Back With Less Pain and Conflict

Breaking up with someone can cause a lot of painful emotions. It’s natural to feel hurt and become sad, depressed and you will probably miss them. A lot of people them start to wonder “what can I do to get my ex back?”

There is a lot of information about the subject that you can find in books, websites, blogs and on forums where you can find advice on what you can do to get your ex back. Some of the things that can make a difference after a breakup come down to common sense as well as common courtesy, which can go a long way in healing your relationship.

If you keep thinking “what can I do to get my ex back?” then follow this advice to increase your chances of getting back together with your ex.

It’s common for people to resort to playing games during a breakup. But don’t do it. Playing games that manipulate the other person and make them feel like you either don’t care or care more than you really do may initially give you a sense of power and make you feel good but it won’t for long. Lying or tricking the other person will eventually catch up with you. it will eventually make you feel bad and if something good does come out of it, eventually the lie will have to come out.

Trying to make your ex jealous by pretending to be dating or in love with someone else will work sometimes but a lot of the time it will backfire and make the breakup permanent. Sometimes an ex will become so jealous at the thought of you with someone else that they will want you back. Or they might decide you don’t care about them since you moved on so quickly. By the time you know which way this will go it may be too late.

Avoid being mean. In any relationship or situation you shouldn’t be mean but sometimes a breakup will cause us to be more vicious than we normally would. But being mean isn’t the right thing to do to help you get our ex back. Since you do want to get your ex back that should mean that you are ready to forgive them anyway.

Think about the way that you have been acting. Imagine if your ex would be looking forward to talking to you or spending time with you. Or would they be dreading it? If you are yelling, nagging or arguing they are probably not going to want to be around you. If you want them to miss you then you are going to have to work hard at controlling your anger and hurt.

If you want your ex back this is the time to be on your best behavior. You want them to remember what attracted them to you in the first place and start to miss the good points about you and the relationship. This will give you a better chance of getting back together with your ex. Being on your best behavior will work a lot better than traditional breakup behavior that is usually charged with anger and negativity.

These are just the beginning steps that might help you answer the question of “what can I do to get my ex back?”

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