What are the Different Causes and Treatments of Back Pain?

Millions of people all over the world regardless of their status in life have symptoms of back pain. These individuals affected by lower back pain are at the age of 40 and above, pregnant women and the obese.

According to doctors, there are many causes of lower back pain and for your information; here are some that causes pain in the back by many.

1. Herniated discs – the spinal discs expand thinner and degenerates and the center nerves bulges causing the discs to push against the nerve root. People who are older than 20 may suffer from this kind of disorder causing back pain.

2. Lumbar Radiculopathy – This is a type of nerve irritation that causes back pain in individuals. The discs degenerates and the middle portion of the back bones rupture. Pain can be felt in the back down through the legs.

3. Osteoporosis – Occurs usually in women. Osteoporosis causes bone density loss and it becomes thinner resulting to lower back pain and fracture of the bones because of brittleness.

4. Fibromyalgia – The causes of fibromyalgia is fatigue, sleeping disorders and tenderness of the tissues. Back pain is felt as the soft tissues are weakened.

5. Spinal stenosis – This is another cause of back pain in older individuals. The joint cartilage enlarges; there are a thickened ligaments and bony spurs. Pain in the back worsens once individuals attempt to carry heavy objects.

6. Arthritis – Arthritis is an n inflammation of the joints. Arthritis can be in the hands, legs knees, neck or in several parts of the body that has joints. People who suffer from arthritis in the lower part of the body can feel back pain, difficulty from walking and swelling in the joint areas of the lower part of the body.

These are just some that causes an aching back in certain individuals. Now, as doctors may say; there are also treatments to stop these causes of back pain. Here are some immediate cures:

1. You can apply heat and cold pressure on the affected area using an ice pack or a heat pad. Heat and cold may reduce the swelling and pain.

2. Medicines that can be purchased over the counter can also help remove back pain. These medicines are: analgesics, pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants. Treatment can be temporary but it is quite effective.

3. Application of topical creams like capsaicin, ginger roots and other mentholated creams can help relieve the pain in the back.

4. Simple exercises are also effective as long as the correct procedures are done. Brisk walking, body twists and other back exercises will do.

5. Massage – Massage is a relaxing method to take away backache. The method utilizes the hands to gently massage the back. Rubbing creams can also be added to enhance the effectiveness of massage.

6. The last resort when every method has been done and yet it is a failure is surgery. Surgery is the immediate cure if there are tumors, fractures or bone misalignment that causes back pain.

The causes and treatments of pain in the back are applicable if proper consultation from the doctor is done.

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