Upper Back Pain Relief, Massage Tips and Causes of Backache

Upper back pain is also known as middle back pain or thoracic pain. The pain covers an area which has the bottom of the neck as its upper limit and the top of the lumbar spine as its lower limit. The thoracic region consists of twelve vertebrae. The first nine among the twelve are attached to the ribs of the chest on either side of the spine. The ribs then take a turn or curve around the side of the body to get attached to the breast bone in front. This forms the rib cage or thoracic cage that functions as a protective cage for the major organs like heart and lungs, and also gives the organs sufficient support for proper functioning. The region, as one can understands, is an important weight bearing region, bearing the load of the upper body as well as serving as an anchor for the ribs, or aiding the formation of the rib cage.

Pain in this region thus can be quite tormenting, making life difficult. Upper back pain however is not always limited to upper back alone. It may radiate in to the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. This takes place because nerve fibers of neck, hands, arms etc are all connected to the spinal cord. The major symptoms include acute or chronic pain, weakness, bowel problem, and stiffness of muscles in the affected region after waking up in the morning, sudden tightness in neck, back or arms, numbness, weight loss and fever. The pain that occurs in the upper back region may be in the form of dull ache or sharp pain, it may be constant or recur at regular intervals, and it may be diffused or concentrated.

Causes of Back Pain
1. Straining of muscles or soft tissues like ligaments or tendons due to over use through repetitive movements, trauma or accident, and poor posture.
2. Compression fracture of vertebrae due to osteoporosis.
3. Spinal disc herniation
4. Degenerative disc disease.

Back Massage for Pain Relief

Back massage is a natural way to relieve back pain and stiffness. Use massage oil to decrease the friction created on the skin and to prevent the pulling of hairs. Massaging the back with herbal anti inflammatory oil such as Rumatone Gold Oil has great therapeutic benefits too. Use slower movements for a soothing or comforting response. The herbal ingredients present in Rumatone Gold Oil have pain relieving and anti inflammatory properties. A gentle massage with this oil also improves blood circulation and eases pain and discomfort.

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