The Common Reasons For Chronic Back Pains

A large number of adult individuals would likely suffer from back pain than from any other bodily pains in their lifetime. In fact, 9 out of 10 Americans are said to have chronic back pains. A chronic back pain may be caused by several different reasons and may last depending on the severity of the underlying condition. Two of the symptoms for chronic back pains are lumbar strain and spinal stenosis.

Lumbar strain is a symptom that is perhaps commonly experienced by those who suffer from chronic back pains. It is no wonder since every time people engage themselves in strenuous activities without proper stretching and warm up exercises, it is the muscle in the lower back that is usually affected. Rest is advised to those who acquire lumbar strain, however, longer periods of lying and sitting down may only worsen the condition.

A more serious symptom for never-ending back pains is spinal stenosis. It involves the narrowing of the spinal canal, thus tightening the spinal cord and the nerves near it as well. Old age is the common risk factor for spinal stenosis, although it can also be a symptom associated with other serious spinal conditions like osteoporosis or spinal disc herniation. The pain associated with spinal stenosis can be universal and may be felt even in the legs, feet, buttocks, and thigh.

There is also a condition called referred pain wherein the pain you feel in a certain area of your body is an indirect result of a symptom not associated at all with that body part. This can happen to chronic back pains as well. Sometimes, what you think as plain back pain is actually a result of a more severe underlying cause such as appendicitis, kidney trouble, and the most common urinary tract infection. You should be cautious of referred pain since you cannot be too sure whether the pain you are feeling is a result of simple muscle pain or something more worse.

Aside from back muscle overuse, obesity is perhaps the largest factor to consider when it comes to chronic back pains. Obese people have a higher risk for back pain since the hip muscles together with the legs can only carry enough upper body weight. Other factors of chronic back pain are excess alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise, and a poor posture.

It is normal for an athlete, a construction worker, or a busy mom to experience chronic back pains. However, if you do not find a clear reason for the back pain you are suffering right now, it is best that you have yourself diagnosed by a specialist.

Amy Chan is a professional blogger who also writes about bunion brace and achilles tendon brace.

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