The Best Type of Beds For Back Pain

Back pain is often caused by a rough night of sleep. The wrong kind of bedroom furniture can cause or greatly aggravate back pain. The type of mattress that you need will depend on what sort of back pain you have. Mattresses can vary in terms of softness and firmness. Some mattresses are flat while others are mechanized and can be adjusted. The material and way that the mattress is constructed will also be something to consider.


Most mattresses are constructed with either foam or coils. Foam mattresses are generally softer and conform more to the body than those made of coils. These coils can be twisted tightly to be firm or loosely to be soft. Some beds have more coils than others. More coils will allow for more support. Coil beds are generally firmer. Some people prefer to have a coil bed for the firmness but a soft top for comfort. While some mattresses come with a foam, down, or cotton top for softness, many aftermarket mattress toppers are available to buy and place on the bed separately.

Firm mattresses

Firmer mattresses will provide more support than softer ones. Firm mattresses are excellent for people who must sleep on their back, side, or in the fetal position. People with lower back pain usually prefer to sleep on their backs. Sufferers of osteoarthritis often prefer to sleep on their sides and should also purchase firm mattresses. People with certain forms of herniated lumbar disc will also feel more comfortable on a firmer mattress to help them sleep in the fetal position.

Soft mattresses

A softer mattress is better for a person who must sleep on his or her stomach. Sufferers with most forms of herniated lumbar disc will probably feel more comfortable sleeping on their stomach. Anyone with degenerative disc disease will also benefit by sleeping on a softer mattress which will alleviate stress on the joints. A pillow placed underneath the hips while sleeping on the stomach will also provide comfort in this case.

Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds can be folded in 2 or 3 places to allow you to sleep comfortably. Some people with lower back pain sleep better when their knees are elevated. This reduces stress on the lumbar (lower) region. Sufferers of spinal stenosis often feel better when sleeping in the fetal position. The fetal position can be replicated on an adjustable bed, allowing you to sleep on your back. Some beds are adjustable not by position, but by firmness. Some beds allow you to control the amount of air inside of it, allowing you to make it harder or softer. These beds are usually adjustable for both sides and are excellent for couples who require different levels of support.

These are good suggestions to follow when purchasing a mattress. Your budget will also dictate what sort of bed you can buy. A king-sized adjustable bed will cost much more than a twin-sized soft or medium firmness mattress. Take your time to really understand what pain you have and what the best positions are to alleviate it. Most stores have beds on display for you to lay on. Spend at least 20 minutes trying each bed to see what helps you sleep most comfortably. Take the time to understand what your needs are and do not be afraid to try out as many mattresses as possible.

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