The Benefits Of Yoga – No Back Pain!

Yoga postures provide more health benefits than fitness exercises done in the gym.

Your yoga practice should be designed to fit your specific needs and health condition. It is recommended that you take advantage of the healing effects of Anusara Yoga. It is great for people who want to improve their health and get total relief from back pain. Aside from being tailored to your needs, yoga therapy should be done hands on to gain maximum health.

According to yoga principles, human beings have two bodies: the physical body and spiritual body. The spiritual body consists of vibrations of light that make various energy centers in the body. These energy centers are called the chakras, a Sanskrit word for wheel of light. A lot of chakras are located in the body. Actually, each cell in the body is an energy center. However, there are seven major energy centers or chakras that are found along the spine. These chakras run from the spinal base to the top of the head.

Chakras are gentle, dynamic energy whirlpools. Chakra kits can energize, heal, and balance the body. The life force or energy force that the chakras circulate within the body is called the prana. Paranas are aligned along the middle of the body near the spine.

While it idys a common knowledge that there are seven main chakras in the body, another belief states that are actually eight of them in the body. The eighth chakra is the thymus. However, the popular belief remains, which is the seven main chakras in the bodys spine. Chakras are a series of energy points that occur on the ethereal plane instead of the physical plane. That explains why the traditional Western medicine cannot accept the existence of chakrasthey are intangible! The chakras, in physical terms, are found from the bottom to the top of the spine.

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