The Alexander Technique – A New Way to Banish Back Pain!

Among so many different treatments for common back problems, there is a little known therapy that has been showing surprising results. The Alexander Technique is an alternative method that tackles these conditions with a new approach. Few people have heard about the potential of this treatment to make a dramatic difference to the lives of back pain sufferers.

So what is it?

Quite simply, it is an educational discipline which studies the body and observes aspects such as posture, muscle movements and tensions to see if any of these have been placing unnecessary strain on different areas of the body. It believes we learn unnatural and negative habits in the way we hold ourselves and move, and even in the way we breathe, which then contribute to pains, aches or imbalances in our body because of repeated stress that should not be there.

Where did it originate from?

A man named F. Matthias Alexander highlighted its principles in the 1890’s. He first used it to solve a problem he had with hoarseness which he discovered was related to a bad habit in breathing he had developed. He later realized this theory could be applied to the rest of the body to treat and solve a vast number of common complaints.

How can it help my back pain?

A lot of the time, we are continually placing strain on our spine or back muscles without even knowing it. This is because, with time, it is easy to learn and take on bad habits that go against the natural way our bodies are meant to be used. Alexander Technique consultants are trained to observe and work with your body to help it unlearn negative habits, e.g. slouching, poor neck movement, general malcoordination and other aspects that have caused unnecessary tensions. The consultants usually require 20-40 private sessions which help the patient become aware of these habits and gently manipulate their bodies to relearn a natural and balanced way of body movement and control. For sufferers of back pain, it is common to focus on aspects like posture, sitting, standing and walking – all of which can have a major effect of the health of a person’s back.

How do I find a consultant?

Visit for a list of certified consultants.

Used in conjunction with prescribed back exercises, finding a good back support for sitting and healthy back practices, the Alexander Technique could well be the solution to the back problems that have been plaguing you.

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