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Back Pain – Some of the Causes and a Way Forward

We all know that a lot of people suffer with pain in their lower back but when the pain is localised to the lower left side it can sometimes be difficult for your physician to identify what’s causing the problem. The sufferer will quite often find themselves being “fobbed off” with explanations and sometimes have to put up with unnecessary or ineffective medication, all of which can lead to frustration not to mention having to continue with the original discomfort. The more expert and thorough the physician is though, the more likely the true cause will be identified and appropriate treatment prescribed. There are several possible causes for back pain on the lower left side and the range below gives some idea of the complexity of a forming a correct diagnosis:

Kidney stones

Should the pain in the lower back be experienced together with difficulty in urinating and/or the urine shows traces of blood, the physician will be able to find out quickly if the problem is down to having kidney stones. Kidney stones used to be difficult to deal with but nowadays with modern medication and techniques they are relatively straightforward to deal with and the patient will soon be quickly on the road to recovery. The quicker the diagnosis the quicker the cure!

Problems with the lower back itself

Just about the commonest cause of back pain in the lower left side is down to the spine being out of its correct physical alignment; there are so many causes here that they are beyond the scope of this article but may include herniation or misalignment of a disc or problems with pinched or trapped nerves. Where this happens, the muscles of the back will be out of true balance potentially giving rise to great pain.

Irritable bowel syndrome – IBS and problems with the digestive tract

If there is an experience of pain in the back on the lower left side it can sometimes be due to trouble with the digestive system, including an intolerance to particular food types and/or other problems related to the bowel. Should the pain only be experienced after consuming such foods but also comes with diarrhea and sickness, it may be that inflammation is causing the discomfort . Nevertheless, there can be other reasons for problems of the bowel and the advice of a qualified physician should be taken.

Muscle Imbalances

It has been found that a lot of people have digestive disorders together with back pain in their lower left side due to their muscles being out of balance. Should this be the cause, then a course of therapy to bring the muscles into balance should deal with the problem. The function of our muscles is not well understood by many people. Clearly, they are the essential part of us for movement but there is much more to them in that they also supply an essential support for our organs and our bones. Whenever one’s muscles are out of equilibrium there is potential for them to cause physical problems, which may then give rise to pain in the lower left back. The usual treatment for this is to use medication, surgery or therapies directly on the back itself.

Getting your muscles back in balance Fortunately, an imbalance of the muscles is easily treatable with an inexpensive and relatively simple programme, called “Lose the Back Pain”, Not only will the programme assist you finding the imbalance giving you the pain but it will let you deal with it at home and, in most cases, without the trouble of going to a doctor.

Ken Lewis, a former CEO of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, has practised as an alternative therapist since 1991 during which time he has helped many with a wide range of problems. He particularly focuses on the endorsement of methods proven to be effective in alleviating both physical and psychological issues. For further effective help in curing your back pain, go to http://backpain-matters.com/

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