Some Causes of Back Pain and the Back Pain Relief Products to Soothe Them

Almost everybody in the world gets back pain, at some time or other in their life time.  This could be due to any amount of things, but one of the things that I believe, is the fact that we are not really designed to walk on two legs, we have just evolved that way. 

Most good doctors will tell you that your normal irritable back pain is a common thing, but then there are those special circumstances where something is really wrong and a good doctor will recognize this and send you to a specialist.  Or they can give some good back pain relief products.

Most of us get lumber pain, which is in the small of the back, the part that carries a lot of weight and works with the lower part of the body to keep us upright.  When you have had bad pain in your lumber region you will never forget it, and I can attest to this personally. 

My biggest and best bit of advice here is if you have bad back pain, do not leave it for any length of time, as it can make the condition worse.  They never really knew what the cause of my prolapsed disc was, it could have been anything from jumping off a wall and hitting my butt hard, to landing wrong doing a parachute jump when I was in the army. 

Whatever it was my back will never be the same, but I have found some back pain relief products that work for me.  If you are suffering with back pain or even want to prevent it, then here are some products that will not just help, but could actually prevent it too.

For more of a preventive type of thing, you should be looking at keeping your back in its most natural state.  Lumber supports, lumber rolls and seat wedges are good for this and these work whether you are sitting, lying down or sleeping.  If you do feel pain in your back when doing any of these, then it is probably because your back is not straight and these lumber supports will help to keep your posture the right way.

One of the back pain relief products that I can attest to, is the tens machine. Now what a tens machine does, is it sends a message to the brain telling it that there is no pain, so it is not a cure, but it is a good back pain relief product.  Just make sure you don’t use it all the time, as you can cause yourself damage and not really notice it. 

How the tens machine works, is through small electrical pulses being delivered through your nerves via small pads, that you place over the area you are feeling the pain, which are connected to a small piece of battery operated equipment, that provides the pulses, and it works.

Muscle balance therapy is also a really effective way of curing and preventing back pain.  As the name suggests, it balances out the muscles, as through our lives we all use one side of our body more than the other or we just use certain muscles more than others.  What this does is cause an imbalance in those respective muscles, which means that parts of our bodies are pushing and pulling in the wrong way.  Muscle balance therapy realigns these muscles.

Remember though, that the best way to prevent back pain, is to not over exert yourself, bend at the knees – not from the waist, exercising regularly, sleeping and sitting in the right positions.  But the best back pain relief products I have found to sooth the pain away are muscle balance therapy and the tens machine.

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